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On Saturday, we Hiked from Freshwater Beach to North Head & Back taking about 2.5 Hours and close to 10 Km

We had a race happening along Queenscliff to Manly between Trish VS Sandra!!!! I thought, this was a Hiking Group NOT RUN CLUB!!! We came together at Shelly Beach before hitting the Nature Trail up to North Head. One way in and we still  manage to go the wrong way. Following 2 runners & a group of Tourist people looking a swampy Wetland.

Another thing that amused us our Hike ”The Hole in the Wall”.  ”OFF WITH HER HEAD”!!!

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With great direction led by Jade, we always managed to have new leaders up the front of the pack every time!!!!

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The Biggest Highlight of the day: NORTH HEAD!!! The View was stunning!!!  Full of sailing boats!!!

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Then heading back along the Nature Trail to Shelly Beach. Looking out along Manly Beach!!! Always Beautiful.

Looking forward to our Big Coastal Hike on Saturday 12th April from Palm Beach to Collaroy Beach!!!



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