Hike Nepal Team Meeting

Last night we met as a group for the first time, at the tasty Gurkah’s Himalayan Restaurant in Dee Why. Between the yummy variety of dishes we discussed our goals, objectives, and expectations of the trip.

For a large group of 10 people, it was important that we understood each other. We have never had a team meeting before the trip before, and an unexpected bonus was the lovely team atmosphere and bonding that took place. It will definitely become standard practise in our overseas trips!

What came out of the discussion was this:

  • We are doing this trip for charity. See http://sevenwomen.org  for our chosen charity! We will set up an account for you to donate to.
  • We have a discount arrangement with Outdoor Shack in Collaroy, so anyone who wants some gear, meet us there at 1130am on Saturday 31st January 2015!

In addition, we went around the room and spoke about why we joined this trip:

  • A spiritual journey, this client felt compelled to go to Nepal, and our trip came at just the right time.
  • Turning 60, and what a momentous way to mark the event!
  • To finish what she started, this client began the Annapurna Circuit 27 years ago, but had to stop early as her companion was sick.
  • Bucket list, one of those things she always wanted to do, and heck, here was her opportunity!
  • One of the girls is coming because she can (love that attitude!)
  • The next one suffers Missaphobia (fear of missing out), and wanted “in”!
  • Jade was up for an adventure with her mum, and share such a special experience with her.
  • I am exceedingly grateful to have “yes” women at the gym, and whilst i will work hard for them, i am seriously addicted to the euphoria we experience as a group when we complete a trip like this. Think about it, we pay it off a year in advance, we train for 4 months, we hike for two weeks straight, at altitude, sore and blistered, and WE WILL SUCCEED! It is awesome!
  • Finally, the most meaning was attached to our other mother-daughter duo. This mum’s dad died when she was pregnant with her daughter. He died on the 9th of May, which just happens to be the date we are leaving. This trip for these two is in honour of a loving father, and grandfather never met.

This exercise was extremely beneficial as a group, because we shared an intimate part of ourselves. The next question was more pointed – what is expected of Jade and I?

The answer was hilarious in it’s simplicity: to make sure we make it to the end!

As they say, you can lead a horse to water…. They will definitely be physically able, but the mind will play tricks! Working on our metal attitude is always pivotal in these overseas trips, as there is fear, uncertainty, and unfamiliarity to contend with, which can wear us down.

It is undeniable that this is a positive, cheerful, and strong group of women. We will all lean on each other at some point in this journey in Nepal, and i can’t wait to get my “fix” of success at the end of it!

Sampling a Nepalese after dinner treat

Sampling a Nepalese after dinner treat

Team building at Gurkahs

Team building at Gurkahs

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