Hike Nepal Reunites

Our Hike Nepal group has finally stopped hiking!!!


Chopper evac

After we were evacuated the others continued on to Phakding, everyone finishing but pretty exhausted. It was 9hrs but they finished before dark this time!

They had to walk past the teahouse fire from the night before, and saw the compete devastation of the building, still smoking.

After that they waved good bye to the 4 of us on the helipad, and then again as we flew past.

The guides pointed out some mountain goats, called Tsars. They whistled to them and the male goat whistled back, which was pretty cool!

They had their morning cuppa with 4 Llama monks, who chanted while they drank. The Monks had been to the village to bless the family who were involved in the fire.

Upon arriving at their destination, they were greeted with great rooms (better than anything we have had) all with en-suites! It was such a fantastic surprise and reward!


Our last members standing enjoyed an easy 3-4hr hike to Lukla. They enjoyed a few moments relaxing in the sun, since they had time and opportunity on this day! While they were relaxing a cow came and gently head butted Terry, asking for a scratch. Once she stopped, the cow made its way down the line of people, until everyone had given it a pat!

Once they arrived in Lukla, one group relaxed with a celebratory beer beside the fireside. Two more adventurous members, Kass and Julie, decided to give the local hairdresser a go. They asked for a wash and blow dry, and got anything but! They endured a blackout, then were horrified to see their hair wrapped around a blowdryer and burning!!! They “gently” gave some guidance, and came out with their hair intact (although not in the style they expected!)


They were on the first flight out of Lukla this morning. Our hikers that were released from hospital caught them at the hotel. Then, this afternoon they happened to be assembled in the lobby when the 3 of us tumbled out of the hospital van – ESCAPED from hospital!!!

The last “escapees” from hospital

We listened to one of the hospital staffs stories today. His name is Su-Shan and we noticed he was at the hospital first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Turns out that he works 730am – 9pm, 7 days a week, to support his dad (who is sick), and his brother who is at school. He lives an hour from work and gets up early to cook for his dad and brother before he goes to work. Despite all this he is cheerful, cheeky, friendly, and efficient. He brightened our days in there.

Our Hike Nepal group is finally all back together and enjoying each-others company as a team. We have a day of leisure in Kathmandu tomorrow and are looking forward to getting on the plane and seeing our families again!!!

Last thing on the last day, we went to see Seven Women, our Aussie charity that provides refuge and skills training to disadvantaged women in Nepal

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