Hike Nepal 2024 – 26th May & Four of 150 Gosainkunda Lakes

Today was a big highlight – THE Gosainkunda lakes! At first we thought it was just one lake. While hiking we saw four and were over-awed. Then Jitendra told us there were 150 and we would have seen them all if we were fit enough to hike over the pass, and we deflated a little bit for a little while – but it didn’t last long!!!

We climbed another 450m today. We were up, packed, and breakfasting at 6am, with stunning views of Manaslu (one of only 14 mountains in the world over 8000m). At 6.40am we were outside and antsy, impatiently waiting for our guides (they always served us first then ate afterwards). We got underway right before 7am, and it was tough from the first minute. It was a steep and rocky trail that led straight up. it took us 3hrs to get to Gosainkunda, and we were racing the fog the whole way.

Even though we only saw 4 of the lakes, they were all breathtaking; turquoise, crystal clear water with dramatic backdrops of sheer mountains and fluffy clouds.

We were absolutely ready for lunch at 10.30am!

We got to explore the temple where the ceremony occurred for Buddha’s birthday that morning, again we rang the bells 7 times for good luck, and then we made our way to the ramp where people where performing their 7-submersion ritual in the main lake. Most estimations were that the lake was around 3 degrees. My feet certainly went numb within a few minutes!

We enjoyed it as long as we could, then came down 3 days worth of climbing in just one afternoon, reconnecting with Dave, who didn’t climb any higher today, and Di who had stayed lower the night before at the Yak and Nak.


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It’s baffling, but Dave enjoys our company. Even when he’s the only man on the trek. However, this trip had added significance for him, as he has lost 50kg+ and was keen to test out his new body! He was in such great condition for this trip, that he was getting in to camp before he felt exhausted, then waking up feeling rested and recovered the next day! This is amazing stuff on a trip like this! He could plod and plod and plod, he didn’t need as much rest, and when he did rest he felt rested, and no soreness either!

One afternoon in Langtang, I came across Dave sitting on his bed looking forlorn. After all we’ve said and seen from him (above), it seemed incongruous, and I sat beside him and asked what was going on. He spoke of his journey, not just the dramatic weight loss, but of planning this trip while also taking care of his terminally ill mother. She was excited for him to embark on this trip and actively encouraged him to take it on. When he was walking, and feeling so good in his body, he could also feel his mum with him, and it was both devastating and inspiring.

Lola passed last year, and has left a hole in Dave’s life as he was her primary carer during her last years with us. She was vivacious and loving, and a quintessential Aussie larrikin (despite being female!), deeply involved in the Manly Sea Eagles, and always up for a party! In her honor, Dave has achieved everything he wanted to in this trip. Even at his most emotional, he has felt more alive, and more healthy, than he has in years.


Di has participated in 7 of the gym trips. She loves the company and the countries that we’ve visited. The friendly banter and photographing the vast scenery. Last time in Nepal she was sent down by helicopter to hospital after seeing Everest base camp, so her mission was to keep well, which she did! She finished the hike, only slowed down by a twisted ankle, blisters and a bakers Cyst on her knee.

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