Hello From Sunny (not) China!

Well, as mad as everyone thought I was, I have made it to Shun De, in China, unscathed! I have come for Power Plate’s first Master Training Convention ever, and was delighted to accept the offer!

It was a long trip, first having to spend a night in Adelaide, in a hotel that resembled one of those motels in America where they peddle drugs and can hire rooms by the hour! I met up with Mish, the founder of Mishfit, and travelled with here hereafter.

We rose at 530am for our flight, which was delayed, and they flew the 9hrs to Hong Kong. Because of the delay, we only had 2hrs to get our stuff and get on a ferry (and find the ferry!). Originally we had over 4. Without a minute to spare, Mish went and got changed (due to the dramatically different weather over here) while I waited for bags, and visa versa. We flew through customs, and boarded a train without paying to downtown. From we got off in the approximate vicinity of the ferry, and took some directions to a bus, that would drop us at the ferry terminal. The bus did a lot of loops… The minutes dragged out, when we were finally deposited in what we were told was the terminal, but it looked like a shopping mall. We had 30min and found the ticketing office, before having to recheck out bags, clear another set of immigration ques, and take a 2hr ferry to Shun De. Another set of customs awaited us on the other side, and another bus, before we were finally ensconced in a very lavish, and large, hotel room.

But our adventure had not yet ended. Mish was given a smoking room, which was intolerable. The hotel was full, so she has ended up being bunked in with me (not a problem with two king size beds)! Once we moved her, we set out for dinner (its 11pm Australian time by now, mind you!), at a restaurant close by. We spent 45min attempting to communicate an order (because we couldn’t read or speak Chinese), before giving up, getting 2min noodles from the supermarket across the road, eating them in our room with a teaspoon, and crashing out.

Day 1 for the Power Plate course was a completely new Fundamentals course. This course contains less physics than the previous version, but a lot more functional training principles. These have been fantastic to learn. The instructors have really systemized their approach to thinking about an exercise, and adding movement, to elicit the best results from the client. It will be fun to experiment on you guys when I return!

Yesterday went so long that we didn’t leave the hotel all day, so this morning I got up early and went for a walk. We were not 5min into it before the rain started, which was plesent at first, but torrential by the end. It was freezing entering the air conditioning like a drowned rat!!

It was another long day today, but we went out for dinner, another adventure where they tried to feed us tap water!! Before heading back to the hotel we went for another jaunt, and explored a fantastic department store (like a Chinese Go Lo), where I got some great cheesy rubber duck shoes for Evie that flash when she walks.

Tomorrow we have a shorter day of learning and training, and then we are having a tour of the factory where they make Power Plate.

It has been a fun adventure so far, with some great company. We are learning lots of stuff, so watch out to you guys training with me next week!

I will update again when I get a chance!

X Clare

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