Hardest 10min Session

The theme of our trainer training this week was: Create the hardest session possible in 10min.


This actually proved to be quite tricky – who was the session for? Hard in what way? We ended up with 4 vastly different sessions, and took turns laying them out on eachother (thought you would like this!)

Jade’s session for Clare:

Regular warm up- stand, squat, stretch
1) Chin up alternating with push up (20x)
2) Walking lunges, with weight held high for added intensity.
3) Wall sit holding weight (too easy!)
4) Bench press with big heavy weights, push ups, and more bench press (someone like giving chest exercises!!)

Clare’s session for Trish:

1) BACK – we started with jump chin ups and went to a squat and pull down. Using your bodyweight adds more movement so keeps the heart rate higher.
2) In between every exercise she did 20 rope flicks – again to keep the heart rate up.
3) Shopping back lunge (crouch)
4) Super set with single leg squat – nails the legs, one at a time. Then she does another 20 rope flicks.
5) Spider push ups with 3kg and freeform board. Trish had to drag her body, as well as lift the weight. Very tricky for the core and shoulders.

Trish’s session for Madelaine:

In her face already, during the warm up!
1) Bear crawl with a “proper squat”, push up, and “high five” – alternating arms
Trish’s session turned into a pretty hard cardio session.
2) 50 Windmills
The program – embracing our unconventional noticeboard.
3) Overhead Russian Twist – keeping the ball high forces good posture and works the abs equally as hard.
4) Repeat the windmills
5) Freeform and TRX splits
Looks like too much fun to be too hard!
6) Finish with some pull ups!

Madelaine’s session for Jade:

1) Pistol Squat with hop – super set
2) Round the world freeform lunge. Ouch!
Other leg and repeat!
3) Deep squat with high weights – superset
4) Squat jumps.
5) Stepping Push Up
6) 90 degree push up hold on Power Plate!
Proof that it was hard… Jade on her KNEES!
7) and after all that, a few Chin ups to finish it off!
Need a hand Jade?!
8) Super set Chin ups with Bent Over Row!


We did just one set of as many as we could – or 1min on the vibration plates. Reps were from about 10-20, because we are pretty good at pickings weights. As a work out, perform 2-3 rounds to flesh it out to a 30min session. Let us know how you go!

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