Gorgeous Sue Surprised Herself with These Paddleboarding Photos!

Sue has been training for months, now. She has completed both the 8-week and 10-week fat loss challenges, and knew she had lost weight. However it wasn’t until she saw herself in a recent photo from Fiji that she realized how much! Sue is always a pleasure to train, she works hard, never complains, and will only cancel if she is literally bedridden. Her results are testimony to what is possible when one sticks to a program, rain, hail, and shine, with a positive and a determined mental attitude.

We are always happy to see Sue arrive with a smile on her face, and a glint in her eye! This is what she has to say:

I kept driving past but finally called in – and found something that changed me !!!

Its been 13 years since my second “baby” was born and its taken me that long to find the right type of training to help me shed the extra weight that “snuck” on over the years.

After trying MANY different gyms, trainers and diets I found one that agrees with me and my lifestyle as a busy working mum.

The trainers are AWESOME,  it’s only 30 minutes so its PERFECT,  you can do a group or one on one and get worked hard in a great FRIENDLY atmosphere.

and I can’t believe how much they fit into 30 minutes

Training – I LOVE IT – who would’ve thought !! 

Biggest bonus – I’m now proud of me – I’m not ashamed to be in my cossie on my paddleboard anymore and I love being in photos with my kids – I like what I see 🙂

BEFORE is on the left. You can see Sue now has discernible collarbones, and that contouring around her cheeks is not make-up!!
BEFORE: A few years back when Sue first discovered SUP
CURRENT: Look at those pegs! I am also sure there are many women feeling waist-envy when they look at this pic!! Go Sue, you are awesome 🙂
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