Glorious Time of Year for Outdoor Training!

Saturday was family-fun-Bootcamp day! It was a spectacularly sunny day, spent on the beach at Turrimetta basking in the sun. This time of year is truly the best time of year to train outside in this manner!


Ultimate Frisbee is a great way to get bodies moving over the soft sand, without thinking about running and moving over soft sand!

The purpose of this session on the beach was to train the reflexes and strength of the ankles and lower leg in the soft sand. However, to make it interesting we packaged it up into a game of Ultimate Frisbee. We did this last year as well, and it was fantastic fun as well as a brutal workout – only no one realised how tough it was until we stopped for a drink in between games!


Not everyone read the “no contact” memo

Clare was sick, so Charlie took charge, and included some kicking games and tunnel ball as a warm up.


One of our warm up activities, a game of soccer on the beach

Charlie’s daughter was on hand with the rules of Ultimate Frisbee, and a few rounds of this game ensued. As per tradition, the group had coffee and brunch afterwards, before heading off to spend the rest of the Saturday as they wished.

Bootcamp has only 4 weeks left, before Tough Mudder on the 23rd October. The next outdoor event is our Twilight Mountain Biking group, at 630pm Thursdays from the 1st December. Please do not be intimidated by out outdoor groups, we will look after each of you in the same way that we do in the studio. If you do not know how to mountain bike, that is okay! We will teach you to look after your bike and navigate the trails the same way that we learned! As always, you are welcome to try any session for the first time for free!

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