What is the Fuss About Raw Food?

Many diets are now focussing on whole or raw food, and less and less are stipulating exact portion sizes and meal plans. Well, the ones that encourage food that is! Meal replacements, shakes, and branded products will always suck in customers simply because they promise instant, often unrealistic (unless you continue on their products) results.

Raw food is an approach to “dieting” that is tailored for wellbeing and health – long term, rather than instant weight loss.


At IntoYou, this fits our training philosophy. We aim to provide the most effective session, in the shortest time possible – which means staying up to date with the latest technology and training methods. The latest training methods are focussed on fascia – the interconnecting lines of connective tissue that encompass all body organs, muscles, and bones. The point of understanding fascia is to train effectively, you have to train the body in context – because your knee bone is literally connected to your forehead.

The point of raw food, including the paleo, diets is to eat your nutrients in context. For example, did you know that an apple alone has over 400 nutrients, vitamins, and phytonutrients – many of which we know nothing about? Manly multivitamins contain less than an 8th of that. Furthermore, there has been some research that has shown that taking VitC in isolation over a prolongued period can harden your arteries.

When you consume a packaged product, no matter what it says on the package or “research” on the product says (particularly if the research was performed by the company selling the product), you don’t know what that particular combination of additives is doing to you. You may lose weight quickly, but what does that mean?

For many people, losing weight quickly means they burn muscle mass, and slow their metabolism (which in turn means they have to eat less forever to stay the same weight). In fact, when you diet without exercise, you can burn over 50% muscle fibre, NOT fat! Intelligent strength training can ensure what you burn is fat, not muscle, but without intelligent eating plans, you can sabotage your muscle maintance efforts.

Why not learn how to eat propery, authentically, and in context, from the beginning? Sure, the kilograms come off slower. Sure it takes a time and brain investment. But if it means you burn fat (not muscle), and keep it off for life (because you have taken the time to learn the ropes), isn’t it worth it?

Eating food raw means you preserve the vitamin and nutrient content of the food. Eating food incontext means that you preserve the sugar, fibre, and fat relationships – ratio’s that are imperative to optimum health. For example, processed sugar found in low fat products has been brought to light as a contributer to our obesity crisis. However sugar in it’s context, perhaps our apple, is not a problem because it is eaten with fibre. In addition, you consume your vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients in a form that is recognisable and easily used by the body, in ratios that are found in nature, not engineered by man.

Eating raw food combinations will keep you fuller for longer, due to higher fibre and (good) fat content. This means that you eat less, generally, and what you do eat passes through you slower. This is a key factor in the health of your digestive tract, and preventing diseases like intestinal and colon cancers.

Eating raw, whole foods also mean that you consume more nutrients and vitamins. You may even be able to throw out your supplements! You should find that you absorb iron, and other dependent minerals better (iron absorbs best when eaten with VitC). You can search pretty much any fruit or vegetable on pubmed.com and find a paper that links that food in reducing the risk of preventable diseases.


So in short, the fuss is that here is a guideline for eating that contains zero supplements, zero portion sizes, and zero diet plans, that you will still lose fat and look sensational on! In addition, it will keep you healthier for longer.  It seems to me like something worth fussing over!

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