Free Monthly Challenges: JUNE! $300 of Prizes to Win!

This week will mark the end of the May, gymnastics inspired, free monthly challenge, and the start of our June challenge!

To date, we have had 2 clients achieve the finished circuit in under 25min and earn a free session with Ali! Tracey completed it on Friday in a smashing 17min and 18 sec! She worked SO HARD that her arms literally collapsed and started moving all funky – but she never gave up!

The May challenge was tough, not because there wasn’t enough time, but because the moves were so far out of our comfort zone. Many of us hadn’t hung from our own hands since we were kids, we hadn’t been upside down in 20 years, and we were confronted by the idea of even trying. To everyone’s credit, you all gave it a go! and if you did baulk, you gave it a go anyway. For us at IntoYou, that is enough to make us puffy-chested-proud!!

The June challenge takes a left hand turn. It is not scary, but it is hard, and on a machine that everyone hates. The assault bike challenge is only 5 minutes, and there is a prize for the top 2 men and women who ride the furthest in that time. The prize for the men is a 1kg bag of protein powder (RRP $41). The prize for the women is a mediball set (RRP $119), tools to train your pelvic floor (you can swap for a protein bag if you want).

The leaderboard at the moment:

3.3km Chris James
3km Willo Hozack

3km Madelaine
2.6km LOTS of our IntoMums!

If you give the challenge a go, be sure to post it in the comments below!

You have until 30th June to outride our leaders!

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  1. Clare
    Clare says:

    Starting positions:

    Ali 2.5K
    Rachel 2.8k
    Mads 3k
    Charlie 2.6k
    Kara 2.4k
    Lucy 2.1k
    Marija 2.2k
    Roz 2.2k
    Leyette 2.5k
    Adrienne 2.5k
    Katheryn 2.3k
    Hollie 2.6k
    Sue G 2.7k
    Sandra 2.6k
    Cathy 2.4k
    Chante 2.63k
    Ana 2.6k
    Mikaela 2.6k
    Debra B 2.1k
    Mags 2.2k
    Di 2.5k
    Karyn 2.7k
    Debra W 2.1k
    Debbie Mc 2.2k
    Liz 3k
    Clare W 2.6k
    Danielle 2.5k
    Scarlett 2.2k

    Dave F 2.6k
    Chris James 3.3k
    Willo 3k


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