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IntoYou proudly represents Burrell Education in Australia; an internationally accredited education provider for personal trainers.  You can take your pre and post natal qualifications with you to the UK, USA, NZ, Asia, and Australia!
At Burrell Education, we go DEEPER in to the anatomy and physiology of the pregnant and post natal woman. We leave no stone un-turned in your education, which is liberating! We do not give you a list of “do’s and don’ts” because of things that might affect your client; instead we teach you how to thoroughly assess, recognise red flags and refer, then train them safely (but NOT easy!) in truly functional movements that will have a direct, and positive impact on their LIFE!
Our “Mummy Moves” was born from thinking about training women the same way that you would think about training a sportsperson. Would you give a cyclist and a swimmer the same session? Thought not… Follow us on Instagram for more on this @burrell_ed_aus_nz . If you want to deliver truly life-changing fitness sessions, then you’ve come to the right place!