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Training Women Through Multiple Pregnancies

It’s a fact, continuing to exercise when your client is pregnant is good for her and her baby. However, there are different day-to-day physical requirements for a first time mother, compared to a second time mother. There are also major lifestyle changes that occur with each subsequent pregnancy that we must factor in to our training programs for these clients.

The Art of Pre Screening Women

The current minimum requirement for Pre Screening clients is insufficient for women, specifically mums. As Fitness Australia registered Personal Trainers, we have a specific Scope of Practise to adhere to, which is impossible to do correctly if we don’t ask the right questions! Enrol in this course to learn how to tweak your pre screening process for your female clients, and create truly life-changing programs as a result!

The 5 Major Mummy Moves that Should be Included in Every Woman’s Program

Mums complete a series of repetitive movements everyday that we can train for in the gym. Just like we would train a swimmer differently to a cyclist; so too do we train a mum differently to an office worker! Enrol now to uncover the 5 Major Mummy Moves that must be trained for in your PT sessions!

FIVE Ways to Burpee With Your Post Natal Client

SAFE does not equal EASY! Let’s start thinking outside the square and design safe AND intense exercise programs for our post natal clients!