It can’t be easy as a trainer when your Client tends to go around in circles but I so value her patience.  I have shed tears in my sessions and Jade has just shown a quiet compassion that has given me space to be emotional but a very present sense of support.  Again it can’t be easy but I so value this.

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“I can now run freely a few times per week and and am so grateful to Into You for your expert training and rehabilitation”

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“However, during pregnancy, childbirth, the deadlift, or the increase in ground forces due to jogging (or perhaps all of the above together), I had a stretched section of facia right behind my bladder. If it had gone undiagnosed, it could have easily been the prolapse I feared”

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Ex-Exerciser Feedback

On a Thursday I am in the gym from 5.15am until 7.45pm… Its a long day but i am always excited to see everyone and how they got along during the week. This morning, as i was rubbing sleep out of my eyes, the very first email i read is this one… and it has […]

COVID-19 Update! ALL our training is now online, and will be until the COVID19 crisis passes. If you’d like to experience the IntoYou difference, from the safety and comfort of your home, us the book now button below to book your Virtual Complimentary Session! See what the fuss is about!


  • Abdominal Scar Release Practitioner: We can get your hysterectomy, c-section, cancer, gall bladder, appendix , or other abdominal scar moving again!  This session is for you if you have a “stuck”, painful, or otherwise uncomfortable scar. “Stuck” scar tissue can contribute to low back pain, continence issues, abdominal and/or digestive pain and discomfort. We have the skills to get you unstuck, improving digestion, back pain, breathing, movement, and appearance! If you are not near us on Collaroy Plateau, you can look up your nearest Scar Release therapist here!
  • IntoMums: small group sessions, pelvic floor safe, and child friendly. In addition, you will still feel exercised because we deliver pelvic floor safe AND high intensity training at the same time!! Sessions run 830am, 9am, & 930am daily, subject to demand and availability.
  • Styling & Self Esteem Sessions: If you can see that you look great, you feel better, and you’re more likely to achieve your health goals! Our styling sessions are friendly, effective, and will fit any budget!
  • Look up your closest Women’s Health Physio here

  • BUSINESS MUMS: Free workouts, publicity, and events for small business mums. Quarterly meetings $10-15 including food and drinks!
  • Pregnancy training & pregnancy massage: first baby or 4th, this training will set the groundwork for a healthy body during pregnancy and a fast recovery post birth.
  • Kids come, and participate, for FREE!

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