“I have been on three terrific adventures with Clare, it really is fantastic to just show up for training…then show up at the airport, really it’s so easy and so cheap”.

JenRead Jen’s experience here!

Training was great fun with our small core group attending it all with other joining as they could along the way. From long hikes, hill runs and walks with crazy weights up Alexander St to gym training, Altitude workouts and over night camping in the blue mountains it was a great lead up but all paled to the incredible 13 days we had away.

SandraRead the whole story here!

For Adventurers

We offer blocks of training for special events and overseas adventures!

Smash and Spin: Table Tennis Program

Smash & Spin: Elevate Your Game with Our Table Tennis Program! This is for those closest competitors out there – you know who you are; you enjoy the thrill of improving and learning but don’t like the seriousness with which most competitors approach organised sport. Here’s something for you!

6.15pm Wednesday OR Thursday evenings, from the 12th June for 8wks – Smash and Spin is the perfect way to blow off steam after work with some healthy competition, new skill development (helloo healthy brains!) and professional table tennis coaching.

Obstacle Racing Bootcamp

Obstacle Racing Bootcamp is all about creating powerful and confident bodies and brains – perfect for those of you who always wanted to do something like tough mudder, but didn’t think you could. This bootcamp is an exploration of YOUR individual, personal best. Each year each participant gets a little more agile, a little more powerful, and a little more confident – the perfect aging antidote! Every year we measure ourselves against ourselves last year at the Raw Challenge, and we LIKE what we see!

Summer Camp

Block one November/December 2024 and Block two January/February – move, laugh, and feel different about movement and exercise! Summer Camp is a playful, community driven movement program that takes the punish out of traditional bootcamp! This program will get you back in touch with your inner child, you know the one, she crumbled and retreated under the pressures of making money and keeping children healthy. However, she is still in there somewhere! We will show you how to live life to the fullest, to play, laugh, and be silly like a child, and enjoy the hormonal benefits for hours, days, and sometimes weeks afterwards!

2025 Gym Trip: Cape to Cape Western Australia! 

Come adventure with us as we walk from lighthouse to lighthouse, along stunning coastal landscape from Cape Naturaliste to Cape Leeuwin. This hike allows opportunities to experience and explore how getting active in nature can be a powerful protective strategy for mental health.

Hiking with us, you will be joining a social initiative, to raise awareness & encourage people to move and get out in nature more to boost mental wellbeing or reduce the symptoms of mental illness. This program includes our 12 week hiking group and an overnight training weekend.

Stay Tuned For…

Surfing Group
Hiking Group
2025 Gym Trip – Read about our last trip here!

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2025 Gym Trip Options

Our original plans of hiking the Milford Track in 2025 were blown apart in 6 minutes – that’s how long it took to sell out! So we have compiled a list of options that sound E X C I T I N G!! The figures and timelines are all ballpark – we’ll go in to […]

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