“I have been on three terrific adventures with Clare, it really is fantastic to just show up for training…then show up at the airport, really it’s so easy and so cheap”.

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Training was great fun with our small core group attending it all with other joining as they could along the way. From long hikes, hill runs and walks with crazy weights up Alexander St to gym training, Altitude workouts and over night camping in the blue mountains it was a great lead up but all paled to the incredible 13 days we had away.

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IntoYou is a lifestyle. We are NOT about getting skinny, we are NOT about “making over” your body, we are NOT about jumping the highest or lifting the most.  In fact, we don’t care what you look like at all. We care about how you LIVE. LIVING well means you’re okay mentally. It means you have […]

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Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do

Mark Twain

We offer blocks of training for special events and overseas adventures!

  • “Stop Gap” Outdoor Bootcamp: 8am Saturdays at Plateau Park, for 9 weeks. This is a bare bones program to give us something to do while Run Club is cancelled and Hiking Group is yet to start. Suitable for all fitness levels, and can be modified for pelvic dysfunctions (we won’t make you do 100 burpees!!)
  • Hiking group: 8th August 2020 for 12 weeks. This club includes a weekend away on the October Long Weekend. 2020 Program Starts 15th August, 2020 and will run for 12 weeks, culminating in our 2020 Gym Trip – the Cape to Cape in Western Australia!
  • 2020 Gym Trip: Cape to Cape trek in Western Australia! 6th – 17th November 2020, we will be partnering with the Move for Mental Health team to raise money for the Gidget Foundation! Deposit due 1st December 2020.
  • Summer Camp: Saturdays at 8am from the 18th January, 2020 for 6 weeks!! Trim and tone without noticing, because you’re having such a blast! Bring the kids, bring the dog, and bring a playful attitude! Suitable for beginners through to advanced fitness! There’s an option to do a team Spartan Race on March 7th, too (not included, enrol separately here).
  • Surfing Group: 29th February, 2020 for 12 weeks. So what if you’re not a typical surfer? Let’s learn, and enjoy this sport together! Break the expectation! Open to body boarders, knee boarders, learn to surfers, and intermediate surfers who want company! Early Bird ends 1st Feb 2020.
  • Run Club: CANCELLED DUE TO COVID19! One on One coaching available, enquire here! 30th May, 2020 for 12 weeks! Includes your Pub to Pub entry on the 23rd August. We cater for beginners to advanced in our 12 week training program. Early bird ends 15th May.

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