“I have been on three terrific adventures with Clare, it really is fantastic to just show up for training…then show up at the airport, really it’s so easy and so cheap”.

JenRead Jen’s experience here!

Training was great fun with our small core group attending it all with other joining as they could along the way. From long hikes, hill runs and walks with crazy weights up Alexander St to gym training, Altitude workouts and over night camping in the blue mountains it was a great lead up but all paled to the incredible 13 days we had away.

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For Adventurers

We offer blocks of training for special events and overseas adventures!

Nepal is always a spiritual journey. It is both magical and challenging, but we have fabulous contacts in Nepal who keep us safe, while creating an environment where we are nurtured towards doing our best! May 16th – 30th 2024, this program includes our Hiking Group for free.

2024 Hiking Group

This program is always our most popular adventure session of the year. This year there is no physical fitness requirement to join our group, however being able to comfortably walk 5km in under an hour will mean you’re well set up to enjoy the walks!

Smash and Spin: Table Tennis Program

Smash & Spin: Elevate Your Game with Our Table Tennis Program! This is for those closest competitors out there – you know who you are; you enjoy the thrill of improving and learning but don’t like the seriousness with which most competitors approach organised sport. Here’s something for you!

6.15pm Wednesday OR Thursday evenings, from the 12th June for 8wks – Smash and Spin is the perfect way to blow off steam after work with some healthy competition, new skill development (helloo healthy brains!) and professional table tennis coaching.

Stay Tuned For…

Obstacle Racing Bootcamp
Surfing Group
Summer Camp

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Final Day of Hiking for Our Kepler Trail Team

Our final day of hiking for our Kepler team was EPIC. So epic, in fact, that it has taken me until now to recover long enough to write about it. We were down to 8 in number, as Carol, Dave, and Jen decided to explore Te Anau by eBike. They took off about 8.30am and […]

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