Our Very First Shopping Trip with a Stylist

Now, when you think styling, chances are that you think of the rich and famous, right? It’s a luxury, an indulgence, and not for you. At IntoYou, we use styling for a very important purpose; to allow YOU to properly SEE yourself! How often do you look in the mirror, and all you see is the stuff you hate? Styling is about drawing attention to the stuff you love – get the arrangement right, and your favourite body parts are popping in to people’s attention – including YOURS!

Last weekend, we had our very first Shopping with a Stylist Trip. These sessions would normally cost upwards of $250, but because we share the session you can do it at our gym for $67… you read right! And what’s more, after you start loving your body again, you will actually have fun! This is what Charlie, our stylist had to say about the trip:

… It started with 3 of our lovely clients meeting me outside Target at Warringah Mall…. one excited to get going, one taking it in her stride, and one very nervous and out of her comfort zone! It was a good mix!

After asking the girls if there was anything particular they wanted we headed in and I gave a little run down on what was where.  The list…. a dress for Emma, an outfit to go out in that night for Roz and some comfy clothes suitable for a funky mum dealing with a nightmare reno for Sandra. We had an hour so there was no hanging around, in fact this hour could definitely be classed as cardio!

They were so busy that they didn’t get any photos, so this one is from our trial run earlier this year!

I sent the girls off telling them to grab whatever they liked and I too was on a mission, yelling their names when I found something I thought was right for them. As is normal I got a few unimpressed faces when I picked something they wouldn’t normally choose for themselves, but I told them they were trying it on anyway!! (PS, that thing they pull a face at in the store is usually the thing they fall in love with in the changing room!). 

So with arms well and truly full we got set up in the changing rooms, me waiting patiently outside the doors.  One by one they came out in their various picks and I went through if it was right, why and if it was wrong and why. Since they had all had their styling consultation with me at the gym, I have to say they all listened and there weren’t too many “no’s”.  45 mins into the trip all the girls were heading to the cash registers with smiles on their faces.  At that point, with 15 mins to spare, I whizzed the girls over to Just Jeans where we found some treasures!  Tops for $6.50 in the sale!! $25 off here, by 3 get one free there! So at the end of the trip we ticked off their lists and more.

Jade trying clothes that she wouldn’t normally chose for herself in our trial run earlier this year.

The girls stepped outside their comfort zones, trusted me, and as a result tried and bought things they never would have if they were shopping alone AND we laughed through the whole thing.

Well done girls, see shopping can be fun and quick and productive!!…

Not only that, they’re feeling better about their body’s and themselves, so have confidence when they head outside their homes. This confidence is something that we can take years to cultivate in the gym (just getting to the gym), and Charlie can bring it out in just one session!

Charlie being proper stylish

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  1. Sandra
    Sandra says:

    I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU IntoYou for introducing Charlie from streetstyle + fitness to us. Providing me with the opportunity to have some help from a stylist for my Spring/ Summer basics. I have had the pleasure of shopping one on one with Charlie a few years ago and found it so helpful to have someone in the fitting room to adjust what i have chosen to work for my body shape. Plus this time around there was the added fun bonus of shopping with a few wonderful girls from the gym as well, which made it very relaxed.
    Charlie also encouraged me to try on a few things which I would have walked straight past. One i purchased, anther i didnt but i did have to give a good reason as to why i didnt like it because it did (apparently) look good.
    Not only did i find clothes that looked great we shopped at shops that were affordable so the money could go as far as needed. (which was a fair way)
    I would highly recommend a group shopping experience with Charlie for anyone. coz by the end of it you will be inspired do it again … When is the next one? Book me in 🙂

  2. Roslyn
    Roslyn says:

    I have really enjoyed my styling experience with Charlotte.

    Just as the world is forever changing and evolving so have I as a woman and becoming a mum was the biggest change of all.

    I had forgotten who I was and my body has changed so much that nothing felt comfortable.

    Charlotte has given me the tools to feel comfortable in my skin again!!!!
    I love my body again!
    I feel confident and happy ????
    My husband keeps commenting that I’m always smiling.
    And that is because I feel good every day dressing for my body.

    The shopping trip was so much fun!
    Relaxed and easy!
    Charlotte was so organised and had pre scouted out looks for us in the store.
    And now every day I have something I can chuck on and feel great in!

    Highly recommend everyone sitting down with charlotte and going over the process. She is so very approachable. Such a comfortable experience.

    Thank you charlotte xxx


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