Finished Power Plate Master Training in 4x 12hrs Days

Well, it was tough, but we made it to the end! And I am not lying when I say I cruised through the practical, a credit to Maddy and Jade who have dragged me by my ears to training some days!

We got to tour the factory last night, which was great. We didn’t get to see the nuts and bolts, just the assembly room, but it was great none the less. Power Plate put an extravagant meal on for us, IN the factory, and shuttled us back to our hotel exhausted.

Today we had 3 practical workshops – corrective exercise, trx, and integration (vipr, dumbbells, med balls, and kettle bell). Sorry guys, but I have already shared it with Jade! It is now dark and raining, but I am not to be discouraged, and am hitting the streets for my next meal.

Power Plate have some exciting new developments coming out, and hopefully I won’t have to remorgage the house to bring them to you!!!


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