Final Mountain Bike Ride of the Year!

Saturday was our final Mountain Bike ride for 2014. 12 weeks of training, skills sessions, and gym sessions, culminated in a return to the Perimetre Trail, Terry Hills. The purpose was to test ourselves on the same track that we did week 1. Week 1 we did it in 95min return, walking many sections. The slowest person this week did it in 87min, and rode it all. An 8-minute improvement over 14km is just a bit more than 30 seconds faster, every kilometre, which puts the improvement into perspective! A special acknowledgement has to go to Martin, who literally smashed his first time by 20min or so, must be the new bike!

As far as final rides go, it was an excellent confidence boost and team builder, with the girls getting together again for coffee afterwards.

On Friday, it is Adios Australia! We will go and test our bike fitness and skills in New Zealand!

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