Final Days of Hiking Group

Last Saturday marked the final days of our hiking group. It was our last off-trail hike, this week is our last week of training, and this Saturday’s session is our final hike all together!

2016-03-26 09.25.29 2016-03-26 09.25.43

It has crept up on us but thankfully we are all in good shape!

We went to Belrose for our final off-trail training session. In the 3 years that we have been running our hiking group, none of us have ever done this particular trail. We had marked early exits (in case it took longer than expected) and extra legs (in case it was shorter!). The latter was true and there were a few people who attempted to “negotiate” the extra sections!

2016-03-26 09.33.46 2016-03-26 09.44.07 2016-03-26 10.36.21

The trail was mainly fire roads, until the end where we had to climb out along a steep single trail. This part was magical as we followed a little stream that was lined with ferns and vivid green moss.

2016-03-26 10.33.43

After the climb, we had about 1km of foot-path trudging to get back to our cars. Poor ol’ Mags did this section barefoot as her boots made her feet burn on the asphalt. We then went searching for an open cafe, to take Dave out for his birthday lunch!

2016-03-26 10.17.24 2016-03-26 11.20.23

For our final week’s training, we have been asked to find our “nemesis”; the hill that continues to beat us. Then we are going to do repeats of it! We are also going to hike every day for as long as possible, before a blissful week off next week!

2016-03-26 11.28.10 2016-03-26 10.19.55

If you’d like to join us for our final hike, we are meeting at the studio at 830am on Saturday morning. We will be doing a tough hike with lots of stairs, and it is expected to take around 3 hours.

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