Final 4 weeks of Bootcamp & 2017 Event Schedule!

ABOVE: Clare during the planning stages of last weekend’s bootcamp session. None of the participants had to do it!!

We have entered our final 4 weeks of Bootcamp 2016. Last week’s session met at Brookvale Oval, and we had dual Olympian Sarah Blanck join us for the session. Sarah is a personal trainer in Melbourne and invests a lot of time and passion organising Women’s-Only sporting events in an attempt to get more girls participating in sport. Check out the WOW active event for more info on that!


Sarah giving Clare’s idea a whirl

Our only piece of equipment this week was a soccer ball. We used it in the warm up, jogging laps of the field and passing the ball with our feet. After doing that a few times we jogged and threw it down the line with our arms. Our final warm up was a little sprint on “GO”, where the ball was thrown up a hill and everyone had to race to get to it first. I have not seen our 70YO participant move so fast in years!

2016-09-24-09-09-19 2016-09-24-09-09-21

2016-09-24-09-12-29 2016-09-24-09-16-26

We got in to the body of the session after this, which was two 4min circuits. This Bootcamp session was planned with the Tough Mudder obstacles firmly in mind. We know that we have to run, leap, grab, and swing by our arms, often with slippery, muddy, hands. We also know that we have to climb over a 2m wall just to get to the start line!! In true form, last week’s session was only missing the mud, with heaps of climbing, swinging, leaping, and grabbing! I think everyone’s hands would have been sore! The highlight for me was in the first circuit, Julz’s “unique and unusual” method of climbing over the ladder (pic below). It goes to show that you can take the girl out of Mudgee, but ya can’t take Mudgee out of the girl!!!

2016-09-24-09-21-06 2016-09-24-09-21-11

2016-09-24-09-21-18 2016-09-24-09-25-20 2016-09-24-09-31-53

At any point in the circuits a participant could go for a short job to regenerate their hands or arms. In the Tough Mudder, we only get once chance to attempt an obstacle, and we certainly do not spend a full minute doing each one! The opportunity to recover meant that everyone could work as hard as they felt able, take a break without guilt, but keep their heart rate up and have a good workout!

2016-09-24-09-26-48 2016-09-24-09-26-53

2016-09-24-09-32-11 2016-09-24-09-33-14 2016-09-24-09-33-58

Next week we start a little earlier at 8am, and we are heading south to Manly Lagoon! You can come for a one-off session here.

Our next projects after Bootcamp are Twilight Mountain Biking and our Xmas Party where we are going Dragon Boat Racing! We are also taking deposits for our Gym Trip 2017 – hiking to Everest Base Camp!

2017 Event Schedule is going like this:

DEC-FEB Twilight Mountain Biking, culminating in a weekend away in Canberra (accommodation included)

Mid MAR-JUN Bootcamp, culminating in Tough Bloke Challenge (entry included)

JUNE-AUG Run Club, culminating in Pub2Pub (entry included)

Mid AUG-NOV Hiking Group, with one camping trip and one Blue Mountains trip included (Nepal not included)

NOV Hike Nepal gym trip!!

We hope that you can join us on our quest to have FUN and LIVE LIFE to the fullest!



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