Feedback from the Host Gym: Burrell Education LIVE Courses

Recently we took Burrell Education’s internationally accredited Modern Pregnancy Functional Exercise and Modern Post Natal Assessment and Functional Exercise Prescription LIVE courses to Albany, New Zealand. We were hosted by Fitness HQ for Women, the only facility of it’s kind in the area, owned and operated by the visionary Sarah Andrews. We were curious about her experience as a host and participant of the courses, and asked for some feedback after the live day.

This is what she said…

Our Women’s only gym got the wonderful opportunity to host The Burrell education, Modern pre and post natal course with Clare at the end of April. Being a women’s only gym, women’s health and fitness is the heart and sole of our business. Hosting this course was a great opportunity for myself and other staff members to upskill, as well as connecting with other trainers who are interested in this area of fitness too. Clare was an amazing instructor who brought her depth of knowledge and experience to the weekend. The course information was in-depth, invaluable and Clare presented it in a interesting and entertaining way that kept everyone engaged. Since completing this course, i am changing how we pre screen our women at the gym and use that knowledge to improve our service and enhance ladies lives. 
Previously I had completed a pre and post natal course online. Compared the to the Burrell Education course, it was very basic and only glazed over the knowledge, and alsovery restrictive in prescribing exercises. The Burrell education course has really made me realise the importance of functional training for this population. And most importantly, we should be training mother’s for the hardest job of their life…Motherhood!
What was so exciting from this feedback was that she had made actual change in her policies and strategies in training women… IMMEDIATELY. Furthermore, as the business owner, she is influencing her other trainers to delve a little more deeply in to their screening, simply by putting all this new and detailed information about each client in front of them from day 1! By “normalising” these questions, she’s “normalising” the conversation about pelvic health, increasing awareness, helping people find resources and physios, and generally enhancing the LIVES of the several hundred women that train at her gym everyday!
More information, including content, dates, and cost of our Live Single Day courses here.
If you are interested in hosting*, please contact [email protected]
*Please note that we need 10 or more trainers to close the session to external trainers and hold a private course.
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