Exercising in the Rain

It has been a quiet day in the gym today, with 5 out of 9 of my morning block of clients cancelling their session today. The reasons vary, but no-one can deny the fact that these reasons more often occur when it’s raining!

One of the people that braved the wet!

It is miserable outside, so it’s fair enough to hang at home, if you have the luxury of choosing to. But what exercise did you do instead? I can guarantee (without actually asking, mind you!) that not one of my 5 cancelled clients did something else instead! Usually we simply don’t think about it.

So what are your options?


Obviously if you are sick, you’re sick – rest. period.

It is a miserable day!

If you’re injured, you can’t train your injury – but what can you do? We had a client training with a broken leg for many weeks, what did we do with her? For the record, we did not train the broken leg!!

How about the Burpee Challenge, posted in this blog a few weeks ago? Just get as far as you can. Even 2-3 minutes of this challenge, if it’s enough to get your heart rate maxed, is plenty to continue providing the health, fitness, and weight loss benefits that you joined the gym for!

Or what about one of our MRT sessions, also posted earlier in this blog? Metabolic Resistance Training has been shown to be very effective at cutting fat and building muscle tone, and quickly too!

Puddles accumulating out the front of the gym

Or invest $5 in a skipping rope, and do an interval style session in front of the TV.

All of these options are quick, and you can stay dry. Having said that, i went barefoot running last week in the rain, it was exhilarating! It is worth saying i went straight into a hot shower, though!


If you need ideas, email us! Or share your own. Just try not to skip it all together 🙂


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