Exercise of the Week (not that we post one every week)

This exercise works every muscle in the body, but we don’t love it for that reason. It also moves almost every joint, and stretches the spine and groin in three magnificent directions!

The three-way lunge with arms… sounds kinky! The reality is anything but! It works almost every muscle in the body, including the core and pelvic floor. It is also a great flexibility exercise for the hips and back. Make sure you do it perfectly if you give it a go, start small and build up in depth. If you don’t have a freeform board, use a Glider, or a towel, anything that slides across the floor.

Step 1 – side lunge with side bend
Step 2 – straight lunge with thoracic flex
Step 3 – curtsy with twist.

Start with just the leg movements, preferably in front of a mirror so that you can watch all your joints tracking correctly. Add the arms once you are strong and stable.
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