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On a Thursday I am in the gym from 5.15am until 7.45pm… Its a long day but i am always excited to see everyone and how they got along during the week. This morning, as i was rubbing sleep out of my eyes, the very first email i read is this one… and it has made my day!! This is the #IntoYouLife and the WHY behind everything we are doing, and trying to do at IntoYou!

Hi everyone,
Not sure if you remember me, it’s Elin the Swedish girl, moved up to Port Macquarie about a year ago.

I just wanted to send some feedback to you as it has become ever so evident how awesome you guys are!

I had my second baby in August (little Freddie), elective caesarean, all went well, and I am back training now with (what it seems pretty much) the only pre/post natal educated PT in Port. She’s good, she checked out your site after I told her what I’ve been doing with you in Sydney, and she’s very excited to have an already ”educated” client on board.

By the time I started training with her I was almost 6 months post partum, all I had done up till then was walking and your Restore Your Core program (and only really to level 4), (and OK yes I did attempt some burpees only to realize that was too much too soon…). She was impressed with the way everything looked and felt with abdominal muscles, deep core control and coordination of pelvic floor in exercises (as much as she can tell from the outside…).

This is now sounding like it is more about me being great rather then positive feedback to you… But what I mean to say is that I have never felt so confident that I train the right way, for where my body is at the moment, as I do right now. I can really feel the difference it makes making sure I have quality in my exercise more than quantity and I also feel comfortable stopping and back down when I “over-do” things. And this is ALL thanks to the year I trained with you! I knew when I was in Sydney, having Into You as my gym was an awesome thing that would build something lifelong for me, but it is now when I am returning to exercise after another pregnancy that really understand the value of what you have taught me, the approach to the female exercising body (meaning both daring to go hard and backing down when it was too hard, plus not being awkward about talking vaginas etc.) and how to include the deep core and pelvic floor into every move and exercise!

And on top of that – the things Jade taught me, made me realize and incorporate into my life at my nutrition consult in the beginning of my Into You career, makes up the basis of what I eat and cook for my family (well needed after a pregnancy of unlimited croissants).

So a BIG BIG thanks for everything you do and for what you have done for me – I am SO lucky to have had time at IntoYou!

Best Wishes and ps. I still stalk you in Instagram…ds.


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