EBC Conquered

Last night we asked Binod every 30 minutes for updates on our EBC trekkers. All 10 that set out made it, however only 2 were able to back it up and achieve Kalapattar this morning.

Michele had a terrible night coughing and hardly slept. We already had planned a helicopter ride, and decided to send her to Kathmandu on the back of it. Carol went with her.

The helicopter ride was great because we got to see EBC, and the glacia, even though we were too sick to walk up there. On our return, we got word that Di was also headed to Kathmandu, dropping Big Mark off on the way. Mark didn’t get in until 730pm last night, 13hrs of hiking. I managed to launch myself in to the chopper give Di a huge hug. She could hardly speak and was crying, all she said was “it was really hard” in a raspy, ruined voice.

While we were waiting for food, Mark was telling us about a time when he was tactical commander of a big search and rescue in the blue mountains. He said that he would choose the girls that went up the mountain with him yesterday over the “pretty boys” he was commanding that day. Compared to the women in our group (especially “little Gina” the “pocketrocket”), they were a boy band!

He is now fast asleep, recovering from one of the biggest challenges of his life.

The remaining 8 people in our team are now only about 3-4hrs away. From what we hear, most of them are sick, so we will make sure they have beds ready to crash in to when they get here!

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