Eva Discovers Enjoyment in her Exercise!

Jade has been handling the fort this year, and took a new client through her paces a few weeks ago.

That new client was Eva, and at a crossroads in her life with young children, she was ready to begin again and start working on her health. She promptly signed up to our IntoMum 3+ package, training with the mums 3 x a week, with free casual gym use, and free bonus IntoMum sessions.

Eva is tall, which makes everything harder, because tall people have more gravity to overcome. They also have a higher centre of gravity, so tend to be wobbly, and have to work harder just to stay balanced. Add to this combination a few extra kilos, a few years of de conditioning, and being generally unfit; joining a gym was daunting and hard.

As the hands on, curious, and passionate trainer that she is, Jade checked in regularly with Eva. Eva’s response to her latest text was so rewarding for all of us to read, especially Jade, who has put the yards in to give Eva exactly what she needs:

“Jade, i am loving it! It is the best training i have done in my life… It is hard, but the variety of the exercise and the relaxed atmosphere in the little gym makes it very enjoyable! I am truely enjoying my 3 sessions a week!

Jade, i would also like to add to my feedback that i am very impressed also with the level of respect regarding different levels of fitness. I feel like you are pushing everyone to do their best but always very respectfully and never making anyone feel bad or awkward about their fitness level.

xx Eva”

This feedback swells our hearts and gives us goosebumps! Well done Jade and Eva both!

Eva is happy with her training at IntoYou

Eva is happy with her training at IntoYou

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