Ending the Year with a BANG!

Talk about ending 2020 with a BANG! Oh. My. Gosh. We have so many amazing things happening at the end of 2020! I feel like we were holding our breath during lockdown, everything was on hold except all of us trainers had ideas, courses, and programs bubbling away inside of us and then… BANG! It’s all on!!!

First off the rank was Jade’s Restore Your Core in 6-Months Program. It is exactly our life-changing Restore Your Core & Pelvic Floor program, but with the added accountability of a trainer to check you at each level. She will also tweak the programs to suit your body, and follow you up to check that you’ve been practicing in between sessions! This program has CURED incontinence in 80% of participants (including those leaks when you sneeze), significantly improved it in the rest of them, and reversed prolapse by 1 full degree. It is genuinely life changing, and is currently half price while we test the system.

We had our Yoga Night Launch on Monday night, with 3 new sessions! Power Plate Yoga is completely original, the ONLY authentic Yoga practice utilizing the Power Plate. Adding the Power Plate means that we can warm up our bodies faster, achieve more length through our muscles (ever had a pose that was impossible for you to do – this should help!), and light up your nervous system in the strength and balance poses to help you get stronger at them. The power plate will also help us achieve a deeper meditation sooner. Bloody brilliant, right?! If you own a Power Plate, you’re welcome to join us from home via Zoom! As a result of the feedback, we have extended the sessions to 45min, and are re-launching it on Monday 19th October! You’re welcome to join us!

Yoga will be part of our Group Training schedule, outlined below.

  • Unlimited Virtual sessions $30/wk
  • 1 x In-Studio session a week $30/wk
  • 2 x In-Studio session a week $49/wk – PLUS Unlimited Zoom sessions FREE
  • 3 x In-Studio session a week $60.5/wk – PLUS Unlimited Zoom sessions and extra in-studio sessions (where there’s space) FREE!
  • 4 x In-Studio session a week $75/wk – PLUS Unlimited Zoom sessions, extra in-studio sessions (where there’s space), and our Adventure Saturday sessions (like Hiking Group and Summer Camp) FREE!!

Claire is now available for Organic Facials, Massage, Scar Release, 1on1 Yoga, and Reiki on a Monday from 12pm – 5.300pm, Followed by Yoga Night from 5.45pm. Her other days are Fridays 12pm – 4.30pm and the first Saturday of every month. It is important to factor the “down” time in to your routine to balance your hormones. Chronically high cortisol levels (our stress hormone) is a big deal for women, as it contributes to a litany of ill-health, including heart disease which is our #1 cause of death. Balancing your high-intensity exercise (yes, that counts as stress) with low intensity yoga, mediation, and massage is brilliant for optimal health. You can book Claire here!

Charlie has set a date for her next Shopping Trip! Saturday March 6th 2021 at 2pm. These sessions always book out quickly so make sure you have your initial consultation with her before then! You can book that here and the shopping trip here! One on one trips are also available, and as a special for Christmas, you can bring a friend for FREE!! Book this here.

Charlie has also released the schedule for Nov/Dec 2020 and Jan/Feb 2021 Summer Camp program! It’s Bootcamp without the punish, high intensity exercise without the pain – experience outdoor training like you never have before, where playfulness, laughter, and games are priority! You can participate in one block or the other, or bundle the two together for a 12 week program. Individual sessions can also be purchased, and the money will be sent to Seven Women.

Finally, a date and activity has been set for our annual Party! We are playing SUP Ball, basically soccer, but with paddles and while standing on a SUP! Saturday 12th December 9.45am (for a 10am game start) until 11am, then drinks and nibblies afterwards. Numbers are limited so get your ticket here.

Surfing group weekend is coming up this weekend, after being postponed in May due to COVID19 restrictions! We are going on a hiking/surfing adventure in to the Royal National Park, staying overnight in Wollongong, then a leisurely surf and brunch on Sunday before we return home. I expect that we will all be out of practice, but enjoy the reprieve from routine and change of scenery none-the-less!

Hiking group has 4 weeks before their adventure in Cataract National Park! This trip has also been interrupted by COVID19, we were supposed to head to Western Australia and complete the Cape to Cape! However with WA borders still closed, we have changed our trip to NSW, and rescheduled the Cape to Cape to next year, at the same time. The good news is that if you missed out on this trip, you can come next year instead!!


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