End of the day Quickie

So it’s the end of a loooong day, and all you want to do is put your feet up with a glass of wine and relax. Noone can blame you, and we all feel the same when we’re working hard.

However, we also have to realise that’s probably not realistic, as most of us have families to attend and housework to see to. In between all of that it’s getting more and more difficult to carve out time for yourself!!

With Michael Mosely’s lessons ringing in my brain, after a 12hr day yesterday i was determined to do at least 1 minute of high intensity exercise to ensure my health stays as good as possible during this exceedingly busy time of life.

Using the powerplate, kettlebells, and a support beam, i managed 12 minutes of exercise and exercised every plane of motion i could think of.

Perform 30 sec of each exercise, with 30 sec rest after each circuit (3 min circuit total). I did it 4 times:

  1. Power Plate pulse squats (i added side bends and twisting and reaching to mobilise my spine)
  2. Single arm kettlebell press
  3. Jump chin ups (you could do a trx pull up if you prefer)
  4. Other arm kettlebell press
  5. Scorpion hover (or push up)

Quick note about the video, i was holding the kettlebell the wrong way in the press, rest it on the back of your wrist not the front!


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