Easter Saturday Egg Burner

If you want some inspiration for your Easter Weekend Workout, then look no further! This is an EASY workout to follow, in 3 simple steps:

  1. Find Easter Eggs
  2. Burn off Easter Eggs
  3. Have a Happy Easter!

Each small, solid chocolate Easter Egg contains 15 calories. To burn them off, simply refer to your fitbit or activity tracker (most smart phone have a “health” app option inbuilt which will track calories).

We are going to do 30 second intervals, with 10 second breaks, for 4 repetitions:

  • Assault bike
  • Triple extension ball slam
  • Tyre drag
  • Commando side lunge
  • Tyre drag

Our awesome IntoMums worked together on the bike to burn off the 195 cals contained in Chante’s Easter find today. This took them 20min of very intense effort, and i am not sure they’ll be able to eat Easter eggs ever again afterwards!

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