Easter is Coming Session!

Today’s session was designed to keep the heart rate aerobic (maximum fat-burning) and to train every muscle in the body. It was especially important to achieve this, this week, because Easter is just around the corner, and even though Australian’s generally gain weight as they age, we aim to be the exception!

Because we were doing it with our IntoMum’s, special emphasis was placed on postural muscles and shoulder stability.

1) Bear Crawl with push up – start with a full squat…
Crawl out on your hands…
And push up.
Crawl back into a standing position, then repeat.

This exercise is good for shoulder stability, chest and arm strength, ab bracing, and lower back and lower leg flexibility.

2)  Lunge with knee repeater on the vibration.
This exercise is good for the lungs and legs, as well as balance.
3) Pull up – this is performed between each leg, so that the heart has to shunt blood from the lower body to the upper body and back again, keeping the heart rate high.
Make sure your head stays neutral and you squeeze the lower portion of your shoulder-blades, not your neck!
Chin ups, in this case jump chin ups with a mini-tramp, are an acceptable alternative to pull ups. They work your heart and abs much harder.
4) Sitting Medicine Ball Twist – with only a 1kg ball…
Take the ball from as far behind you as possible,
Over and behind your ears (try to take the arms back, rather than stick your head forward), and over to the other side. This exercise works your “core” like a kebab – all the way around. You also bend and twist your back so that you are developing strength at all angles.
In a group, towards the end looks like this!
This session we did cross-fit style, aiming for 60-80 reps depending on the person’s experience. We used different coloured markers to keep track of each person.


If you do this session this week, let us know how you go! Maybe a weigh in before and after the Easter holiday will be good incentive to do it?!

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