Easter Ideas and Alternatives to Avoid Eating So Much Chocolate!

Despite what you may believe, we do participate in Easter, in so far as we take the opportunity to spend time with our extended family and make the weekend special for the kids. You can read more about how we try to achieve a happy and healthy Easter here!

I remain quite uncomfortable with the idea of consuming hordes of chocolate for no apparent reason… except that there are hordes there! My motivation to find alternative ways to make it special was upped when i had kids, and here are some ideas that are now tradition in the Hozack-James household…

  1. ADD FRUIT – We buy and consume our fair share of grapes, both colours. Any Easter egg sized colourful fruit will do, including strawberries, blackberries, sultanas, dates, and tiny plums and apricots too! We spread these out around the garden much like you do with the Easter eggs in the hunt.
  2. ADD VARIETY – Interspersed with the fruit is Banjo the Carob bear, carob eggs and other chocolate alternatives like Oscar Mylk vegan chocolate bars. We do include small amounts of chocolate eggs too!
  3. ALTERNATIVE PRIZES – At the end of our hunt, there’s an Easter themed gift! Last year they got Peter Alexander bunny onesies, this year they’ve got books from the “Guess How Much I Love You” series.
  4.  GIVE TIME – Not Stuff… There is plenty of Easter craft available to make hats, baskets, and various other crafts. There’s nothing more special for a little kids than sitting down with a parent and getting mucky and creative!

Good luck with curbing your chocolate this Easter!

On a side note, we will be CLOSED on Good Friday and Easter Saturday, and open as per usual on Easter Monday! If you usually train on a Friday or Saturday, please contact the gym on 0410 508 101 to reschedule. If you are away on Monday, please let us know beforehand!

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