Early Adventures in Kuala Lumpur on our way to Nepal

Our hiking group has been in transit now since around 5pm on Saturday afternoon.

Packing was our first drama; “you’ve got to carry that, you know” became the catch cry of many of our helpers in the packing process!

We had an overnight flight from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur, and had arranged accommodation in the airport since our arrival was at 4.10am. We had a 16hr layover, but would be allowed out of the airport.

Unfortunately , half of us had unwittingly booked sleeping pods in an entirely different airport. This meant we had to clear customs, travel 10 minutes to K2, then clear security before finding a bed. Then we would have to do the whole lot in reverse in 3hrs to meet with the group and had into KL. This was not clear when we booked our pods, and so we decided to crash at the hotel in our airport instead.

Our rooms were perfect, and we crashed for about 3hrs. We meet in the lobby at 9am and made a slow 2 hr journey into the city. Everything seemed to take forever; finding lockers, getting cash, finding a train, & stopping for breakfast are serious projects for a group of 9!

However, we did not get lost, and successfully made our way to the Sri Mahamariamman temple in time to witness part of a Hindu wedding. The temple itself is 400 years old and seeing it was made so much richer by the costumes of the wedding party and guests.

We then walked through the Sentral Market, had a quick bite to eat, and caught a glimpse of a very old mosque. We met our tour guide right on time in exactly the right spot. He took us to Little India and then to the Bath Caves. We climbed 200 step stairs and avoided being mugged by the monkeys. We then watched Batik silks being made before being delivered back to the airport.

Everyone is weary and looking forward to bed tonight!

Remember that we are not doing this just for ourselves, but trying to raise money for an Australian charity that is making a huge difference to women in Nepal. Please help us by purchasing one of their products from our shop https://into-you.com.au/shop

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