Down & Dirty Power Plus!

Today’s workout is high intensity cardio and POWER training! Power is an excellent training mode for fat loss and fitness, and achieves fantastic results in a short time. This workout is recommended only for seasoned weight-trainers, and is to be scaled up or back depending on the person. Each exercise is 1 x 20, or 1 x 1min for a 15-20min workout. Repeat if you wish to train for longer!


Tyre Flip. Get into a very deep squat and drive up through your legs to flip the tyre. Try not to walk it over, but to throw it.

Above – The “ruck” thruster. Keep very bent through your legs, and bounce the tyre off the wall with your whole weight behind it. An alternative is the See-Saw in partners (below)
See Saw in partners. Toss the tyre back and forth, absorbing it with your legs and throwing it by exploding up out of the squat. The closer to the tyre you stand, the easier.
Thruster. Performed her with a child, you can also use a tyre, do do it single handed (right)  
 Single handed thruster with a tyre.

Shuttle runs. You can also hoist a child or tyre on one shoulder (below) but remember to swap shoulders at each end.

Shuttle runs with child!
Shuttle runs with the tyre on your shoulder. You do not have to use a tyre at all.
Ins and Outs. An agility exercise, it is also great for improving pelvic floor strength.
Exercise 6 – Burpees! A killer on their own, you can add a tyre for a tough-bloke (above right).

Above, Willo’s posture is not very good, please be careful to keep your chest high. Willo was absolutely finished by this time!!

Woodchop. Standing on the tyre is great for balance. Off the tyre (below) is more powerful.
Alternative above – Off-Tyre Woodchop.
Above, Rope flicks. Jump Chin ups (below) are an appropriate alternative.
8 – Jump chin ups with a grubby back!

pictures below.

If you feel like these two, at the end of one circuit, the intensity is just about right!



























Next, if you are still standing, a Tyre race is sure to finish you off!!  For a 2 minute competition, stack 3 tyres at  5 metres apart. Sticking to their own side, each participant is to steal tyres from the other until they have 6 on their stack. Winner plays the next participant. To increase the time, add tyres or increase the distance.


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