Di’s Confidence Breakthrough

Di has been training with Clare for many years, and for her it has been a gradual learning curve to understand her own capabilities, and a “bit by bit” approach to increasing her confidence. By far and large her biggest breakthrough was having the courage to attempt Cycle Samoa in 2012, despite being uncertain that she could accomplish the task. Since then she has been on another 2 adventures with us, and is signed up for her 4th in April 2016!
“…..As I put pen to paper to sign up for my first adventure holiday with IntoYou? Samoa 2012, I said to Clare “I don’t know if I can go the distance, what if I can’t make it?”
Well that was 3 adventures ago – cycle Samoa 2012, cycle New Zealand 2014, and hike Cambodia 2015. Now I’m signing up for hike Nepal 2016! But I’m not asking if I can make it anymore…..
 Hi, I’m Di (Evie calls me DoiZee). I’m 51 and a little physically challenged with joint and muscle problems, and carrying just a little too much weight. 
The gym trips have been much more than the destination and the mode of transport for me, it’s that corny old saying – ‘it’s about the journey’. For me these trips have unlocked doors, mentally and physically. To have the confidence to achieve things I hadn’t thought I could do. 
The feeling of accomplishment is priceless, and has helped me conquer otherwise mountainous personal situations back here at home. I have become more focused, confident and grounded. I often reflect on these gym trips and pinch myself ‘did I really do that?’ Be dropped by a helicopter on top of a really high mountain and mountain bike down, but not before loosing my cool, crying and swearing, being talked down the mountain by Clare. Or sweating my arse off in Cambodia walking over 100 km pushing past my own bodies pain barriers. Or riding around tropical Samoa being chased by the odd local dog and then being greeted by machete holding men (to cut the coconuts of course) and go for another swim – hard life! 
DSC00652 DSC00776
If you think these trips attract just young fit as a fiddle people, think again, just look at the photo albums in Clare’s gym. We’re all a mixed bag of ages, fitness levels and abilities. But we all just give it a go, and a lot of fun to be had too.
So just give it a go, one foot in front of the other. Nepal will be awesome, and such rich culture too.”

DSC00782 IMG_6607

Since participating in these trips, Di has lost 20kg. Di is dripping with so much confidence that she is now also front and centre at many of our extracurricular groups; bootcamp, tough mudder, run group, and mountain bike group. She realises that if she simply starts at the beginning, and progresses little by little, there is nothing stopping her from doing these things! Congratulations, Di!
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