Denim Tutorial: Business Mums Event

Last night we had our Denim Tutorial where we teamed up a group of our Business Mums with Charlie, our resident stylist. It was a cold, stormy, and rainy night, but we were still had a full house! Charlie opened up the night with a short description of what we need to look for (generally) with jeans, there were too many of us to perform a personal evaluation, but we all took on the advice that high pockets, mid rise, and skinny leg were the way to go for 99% of us!


Leyette from Kingsman Collection then took us through her beautiful Turkish Denim range. The jeans were soft and stretchy, without being too stretchy, and had a lovely range of different finishes. We were also educated on her 3 different cuts, and what body type those cuts would suit.

After Leyette, Sandra from Intimo came on to show us how to layer under and over our jeans for the smoothest, most flattering, and effortless “looks”. Intimo have a great (and versatile) range of body suits, underwear, singlets, tops, and cardigans to layer with Jeans, so that you’re comfortable and looking good!


To finish us off, Liz from Jaxx Jackets brought her beautiful baby leather jackets. With a little help from Leyette’s Carolina Accessories, we learned how to put together, and finish off a timeless, classic, comfortable, and stylish outfit!

The night was made all the more cosy and fun by a variety of wines provided by IntoYou. If you missed out on the night, you can book Charlie one on one with a Styling YOU session! We are celebrating the successful night by sharing a 22% off voucher for a 1hr session, with the code: off30

Tracey was our guinea pig, and it was interesting because she came in pretty much the same thing as we dressed her in… note the skinnier jean leg, and fitted jacket, and the difference that makes!

Business Mums is all about supporting eachother through special deals, events, workshops, and networking! If you are a current customer of IntoYou and have your own business, complete our registration form and come to our events!



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