Deep Core Seminar & Ultrasound testing

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Everybody say “continence”!! LOVE Jade’s enthusiasm!!

Yesterday we were privileged to host Jenni Davies, a women’s health physio from Aushealth Physiotherapy, Brookvale. She came and talked to us about the Deep Core and Pelvic Floor, giving us a basic anatomy and lifestyle lesson. We learned about the core in a holistic sense, and then discussed the various trauma and lifestyle factors that affected the core.

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Getting the visual tools out!

Jenni brought a bundle of tools and toys that we got to look at and understand. We were educated in which tools worked best for each situation, for example, the difference between vaginal weights and a pericoach. We then had the opportunity to lie down with an external ultrasound and watch our deep core muscles work (or not!).

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Jenni spent two hours in the gym with us, not to mention the time she spent preparing and lugging all her gear. She did it all for free and to raise awareness of the issue. Jenni experienced a traumatic birth herself, and can empathise and give personal as well as professional advice on the issue. We are very grateful that she gave up her precious time to us, and all of us got something out of it (even if it was a kick in the butt to do our kegals!!). Huge thanks to her for her seminar!

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We coach pelvic floor synchronising with exhalation, which is imperative for deep core functionality.

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