Client of the Quarter: Another Deb, Thecla, Amy, and Sue!

Another special congratulations to Tony who won last quarter’s client of the quarter! You can read his story here.

This quarter we have another mix of old, new, young and old clients who are in the running for a month of one-on-one training donated by each of us! We are, as always, really proud of these people and honored to donate a session each to congratulate them! You can vote here (remember to join the group first!).

Sue Geister

Sue started off as a one on one client who lost a lot of weight and trained herself OUT of debilitating “axe murderer” headaches. You can read more about that story here. A year later she joined in for one of our challenges and had massive success with it! You can read that story here! Sue transitioned from one on one training to three group sessions a week around this time, because she enjoyed the social aspects and was happy with her weight and heath results.

Today, Sue has been nominated because of her wonderful success in the Learn to Lift sessions. She came “sheepishly” to the Saturday sessions (as Maddy describes it) after some of the other mums in our IntoMum group sessions were talking about it during the week.  She was fit and capable after years of HIIT style IntoMum sessions; she always pushes herself and began getting stronger every week. For Coach Maddy it has been nice to see Sue feeling empowered by lifting weights. Maddy enjoys ruminating on the journey Sue has had from debilitating headaches to deadlifting her bodyweight. Their next goal? A bodyweight chin up!

Thecla Haven

Wife to our winner last quarter, we might have expected great things from Thecla… but we didn’t! For a start, she didn’t even want to train with us! Thecla only started coming to IntoYou after years of nagging and really enjoys it now! But back then, she was terrified! It is for this bravery that she repeatedly shows that she has been nominated.

Let me tell you a story about Thecla and our Rowperfect. Those of you who have been on it know that there is a 4 degree tilt in the seat (which is there for a very specific reason, you can read more about this here). For Thecla this unpredictability was frightening. Imagine going on a piece of equipment that you can’t trust your body to stay on… expecting at any moment to be tossed off on to the floor… every stroke feeling a knot of anxiety and nausea in your stomach… this was reality of Thecla. Yet when i asked her to get on, white with fear and shaking, she did. That’s all. That’s the story. No resistance, no fuss, no refusal, no drama (and no love lost for the machine either)! Thecla is BRAVE.

About a month ago Charlie asked her to do a step up that was a little higher than she was used to. Thecla asked for a stick to help her with balance. Charlie asked her to give it a go without the stick first. She did. And she could do it. She still does it without the stick.

And that’s not all. She continues to challenge herself, turning up to her Styling and Self Esteem session today full of self-consciousness and clothes she “wished” she could wear. She surprised Charlie with the colourful things she wanted to wear! The main problem with her clothing choices??? They’re TOO BIG. Thecla has lost 4 dress sizes and reduced all her medications. She needs to go shopping for both! For a woman who was once a sport-spectator, this metamorphosis into the participator has been truly rewarding to witness! Where once she walked once a month, she now trains twice a week and walks in between. She’s fit, cheeky, fun, and most of all… brave!

Amy Milford

Amy is one of our bubbly IntoGIRLS who had to overcome a devastating injury this year. She’s been coming to IntoYou for a few years, but this year she ruptured her ACL during a Netball game, in the middle of her Duke of Ed program. She was absolutely devastated and has been in a lot of pain. You could forgive her for giving up, taking a break, taking it easy, letting fear stop her using her leg… but she didn’t. In fact, I am not sure that Amy missed even one session! She has modified, followed her physio’s rehab plan, and kept a positive attitude the whole way through! She has increased confidence, strength, and taken the experience as an opportunity to learn more about exercise and movement!

She has shown resilience like any other super human… and she’s only 14 years old. It’s this quality that earned Amy her nomination this quarter!

Deb Caminiti

When you meet Deb for the first time, the first thing that strikes you is how lovely and sweet she is. She’s caring, kind, and puts everyone else first. Yet Deb was in pain. Mental and emotional pain. Frightened about the state of her own health and whether or not she’d see her kids grow and if she did, would she be able to keep up with them and be involved in their lives? Deb reached out through Facebook, after seeing a referral to us. It was a heartfelt plea that was enhanced by her honesty and detail that she put in to her healthscreen. Clare was compelled to reach out before even meeting her to reassure her that we would look after her.

And we did.

However most of you know that “looking after” you guys requires a certain amount of challenging you. “Looking after” you can sometimes mean asking you to do something that hurts, or something that scares you. Not that you’d ever know when you train Deb! She never complains, and it sounds like a cliche but she also always, and i mean always, puts in 100%. Putting in 100% is well and good when you are fit and healthy, but 100% is horrible when you’re self-conscious, unfit, and hurting. Clare has learned that she needs to tell Deb when to rest, rather that “push” her. If she doesn’t, Deb goes white and dizzy and falls over before she’ll stop! Deb might be sweet and kind, but she’s also tenacious, determined, strong, resilient, and an absolute inspiration. We have no doubt that she will keep up with her kids, and inspire THEM to look after themselves too!

This program is about celebrating the achievements of people who appear ordinary on the surface. What we are learning is that not one of you is ordinary. You’re all amazing! Vote here! Winner will be drawn at the end of July!

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