Day 8 Hiking

Day 8 – Chromrong to Tadpani
Today we got up early, intending on leaving early and avoiding the afternoon storms.
1) we forgot that fact as soon as we got out of bed and ended up leaving at the same time anyway.
2) it didn’t rain today!

The trail started well, with flat bits and downhill,  winding through wheat farms.

We saw lots of little villages and got to cross more swinging bridges. Then we went up up up (and this was all before morning tea).

We stopped after about 20 minutes of stairs, and 3hrs of hiking total. We had tea,  and then we walked upstairs for another hour.

We had a great lunch at a place that overlooked the entire valley. Jade and clare played badminton with another group’s guide, and the rest of the crew relaxed in the sun and enjoyed the peace.

After lunch we embarked on another 2hrs of stair climbing before reaching our lodge.

Jade and clare dropped their bags and went back down the hill to help the guys that were struggling.  On the way we passed Diana who was singing show tunes, much to Mary and Karyn’s chagrin  (because it was all they could do just to breath).

Dave was struggling in particular,  and was very grateful to see jade and hand his bag over.

Jade is still scared of buffalo’s and donkeys.

We have the most spectacular view at our lodge tonight, and it is so great to dry and warm!

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