Day 7 Hiking

 Day 7 – Dovan to Chomrong

We all geared up in damp clothes and boots today after walking a couple of hours in torrential rain yesterday. Most of us have learned that our gear is not waterproof. ..

It was a short 1hr hike to tea, relatively flat, and everyone enjoyed it. When we arrived at tea, we knew Jen had gone before us but we couldn’t see her anywhere. We thought she had gone ahead and ran to the trail, letting off a “cooee” to alert her. It turns out she is our 4th person to be taken out by a mild gastro and had been in the loo…. for a while. We have nicknamed her “squirty”.

We were back up while the sun still shone and made our way to our lunch spot, which took 2hrs. On the way we saw a man on a pony, a “unicorn” (a white pony that had taken itself for a walk), and a herd of goats.

While we were waiting to eat, the clouds started gathering and we knew that we had to get going.

Unfortunately, we had the toughest leg of our hike today, with 2km of pounding down stairs, and a further 2km grueling up stairs. Jade and i legged it in 1.5hrs. Jade leaped off the pathway into a ditch to avoid a passing buffalo.

Jen, Mary, and Karyn weren’t far behind us, and arrived gasping for air and unable to speak. Jen did find time to do a little shopping and bought a shawl made from yak wool.

Mags was next, and had made it for the most part on her own. When Dave was with her,  she was stopping people to tell them “if I can do this than you can too”!! She was so amped when she got to the top, “I did this! I did this! I did this and on my own too”! She has also asked Dave to feel her “rock hard” calves. He obliged FYI underneath the table. Mags has really turned a corner, she’s loving her body for what it can do, and is excited about every milestone. She is so much fun, bubbling around our lodges like she’s 20 again.

Dave came in next, in his usual stoic fashion. He reckons he was swearing under his breath but it is more likely that he was just trying go breathe. Two of the porters slowed up to keep him company.

Di and Kass were last up the hill with Binod and very cranky knees. They were seconds in the door when the rain came down, and it is currently hailing on all our clean washing. We will probably have to carry it wet again tomorrow.

Our group is sore, but not sorry. We are loving Nepal.

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