Day 7 Cambodian Adventure: Welcome to the “Hunge Club”

Our last day hiking saw three of us stuck down with gastro. We carried our miserable arses onto the bus to take a short transfer to our first temple, and to begin our hike for today.

The Bayon temple is the one covered with over 200 stone faces. From here we had an easy 10am jaunt to the tomb raider temple. During this jaunt we had a couple of milestones, one by one Jules, DoiZee, Clare, Jade, Rong, Dave, and Jen hit the 100 km mark!

Rong is one of our guides, and also Cambodia’s national champion road cyclist this year! He completed the 100k wearing old boots that were taped together. Pheap, our other guide, is also a cyclist, and didn’t walk today. He did every other day wearing thongs, though!

Putting my feet up

Putting my feet up

Jules and Clare had set the “hunge” goal before leaving for Cambodia, after working out the total kilometres for the hike was 97. Jules has worn a GPS watch everyday in order to track our totals, and today was the day that we finally joined the “Hunge Club”! It was an enormous achievement in very uncomfortable circumstances, and takes nothing from the others who all did their best but were thwarted by illness, injury, and/or heat exhaustion. Everyone is a hero!


Everyone enjoyed the temple and the way the trees wrap around the stones. After lunch we set of in blistering heat to see Angkor Wat. We got to go to the very top, and marvel at the views.

We are now settling in to our hotel, with the air con cranked! So stoked to finally be here, and comfortable! We have a few more days of relaxation and sight seeing before returning to chilly sydney.

You can still support our charity, through the shop on our website. This is a Nepali charity that needs your help now more than ever!


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