Day 6 Cambodian Adventure: Coming Down the Mountain

We had the most sensational evening on our little river bank last night, and we embarked this morning fresh as daisies. Our hiking took us along beautiful single trail down the mountain, where we saw poisonous spiders, crickets in a hole, and tree frog eggs.

We also got to see the “lingas” that the river is named after, hundreds of symbolic rock carvings. It is said that 1200 years ago one of the Cambodian kings proclaimed himself a god in the very spot we camped.

After this we did about a kilometre of stairs, with spectacular views of Siem Reap province. The stairs ended at a tiny mountainous monastery, with baths and fountains and rock carvings.

From here the day got very hot, and we had about 12km of flat, road trudging before reaching our camp. Today is the hottest day that we have been out.

Babs had her most successful day so far, keeping us company until well over half way. We did a little finish line for her at 10km, which is no small effort in this heat!

Our wonderful support staff had a fresh coconut ready for us to drink at the camp, but this too was hot, unfortunately! There was just no escaping it.

This was all we were capable of at the end of today!

This was all we were capable of at the end of today!

Dave and Di have become like Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee, consistently plonking one foot after the other despite their aches, pains, and injuries. Deb makes a lot of noise about getting in the van but on these two, very difficult days, she has been there at the end!

We see Angkor Wat tomorrow, and finally get a shower and air conditioning!

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