Day 4 Cambodian Adventure: Rain!

Last night we got a thunderstorm! Deb and Jen did a rain dance, as our dinner and tents were quickly relocated under a shed. We enjoyed the storm with a bailey’s.

After the rain subsided, there wasn’t much to do except retire to our tents. Even though it was only about 730 pm,  everyone was pretty tired.

Rain treated us to a good days hiking today!

Rain treated us to a good days hiking today!

Jen letting in the breeze

Jen letting in the breeze

We had another early morning, starting at 5am. After the rain, the day was breezy and overcast, perfect for hiking. We wound our way through rice paddies, stopped to inspect toads being bbq’d, and sampled a home made rice wine.

Karyn and Jade have heat rashes, and those of us who are wearing boots look like we’ve been gnawed on around the ankles  (the grit gets in the sock and rubs on our skin).

Everyone has swelling in odd places, and most of us have blisters in varying degrees of severity.

Some of us took a bamboo trail around a large puddle, and suffered a few cuts! Barbara is stoked because we found fungi!

Karyn fell in the mud, Babs finished early and took a quad bike to the van, and Karyn ate some red ants. Apparently ants are a staple seasoning here for stir fries, or fried up on their own like chips.

We saw a 12th century temple, which was as big as Angkor Wat, and we got to go inside the galleries. The trees that wind their way in and around the rocks never get boring.

After the temple we found lunch, and ate Amok, a green curry with fish.

We are now comfortably bathed and reclined in camp, with plans to go and explore the market later on.

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