Day 2 Cambodian Adventure: Hit Over The Head With The Heat!

Heat weasy on our first day

Heat weasy on our first day

Well, today was HOT. We knew it would be, but was unprepared for the long, shade less stretches. After a short transfer out of Siem Reap, we began our jaunt across kilometers of rice paddies. They’re mostly dried up this time of year, with just a few muddy puddles for the Buffalo to wade in. As the day wore on we lost two,  Deb and Babs, to the air conditioned support truck. We almost lost Karyn too,  but she trooped on and made it to the end.

I don’t know how to describe the heat; oppressive, claustrophobic, constant. The physical and mental strength required to finish today was immense,  only 5 more days!

A few anecdotes from today, Jade earned the name “jade wayne” after the gait she adopted towards the end of the day when her thighs started chaffing!

Clare gave away half of her bundle of baby clothes, Jules gifted some kids pencils and paper, and Jade gave away her balls (soccer balls, that is).

Karepedia and Karynoke both made an appearance at alternate times throughout the day.

We covered 20km (Even though the itinerary said 16k,  hate that!) In 6hrs, and are currently passed out in the shade next to a monastery. I expect we will spend the hours until dinner thus, before crawling into our tents.

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