Day 10 Hiking

Ghorepani to Sadame
This morning we were up at 430am to climb Poon Hill to watch the sunrise. The climb is about an hour,  even though it’s only a little over 1km. We made it after about 45min but it took a solid effort. Poor old Mary had a cold and was dosed up on sudafed. She made it but it was a struggle.

While we were waiting Binod bought us hot chocolate. Did i mention that we all love Binod? It was a great surprise and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

From Poon Hill you can see all the Annapurna range and it was quite spectacular. Afterwards we made fast time back down for breakfast.

Today’s hike was easy until lunch. After lunch on a glorious platform overlooking the mountains we had over 3000 stairs to descend. It was especially rough on our porters who were already sore. 3 out of 5 porters were performing this job for the very first time.

After the stairs we still had a charming village to cross through, and about 3km of road trudging to get to our lodge for the night. Once there we went directly to the river and swam. Even Vikas came in and he doesn’t swim!

It was over 20k today for the crew that saw the sunrise, and 19 for those who didn’t- a long day either way. So Jade bought our porter’s a long neck beer each,  and Clare bought rum, and we settled down for the evening.

Mags was fueled by coke and success and entertained is with a solo dance or two, to the songs on Di’s phone.

Unfortunately we forgot dinner and distracted the boss. Those who were not drinking beer or rum eventually intervened and reminded us that they needed feeding.

All ended well on full bellies and wrapped up in a comfy bed each.

Last day tomorrow,  we are very sad.

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