Day 1 IntoYou 2023 Hiking Group

Day 1 for our 2023 IntoYou Hiking Group has already been eventful and adventurous!

Firstly, we had conflicting advice regarding dehydrated foods in the airport. All of us had to undergo a bag inspection as well as a shoe inspection and X-Ray, but we eventually jumped all the hoops and made it out to the waiting shuttle.


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We were late last night in getting to our accommodation and found it locked up and dark. We called the after hours phone, no answer. We called the number on the front door, no answer. We tried connecting to the internet, using the password provided on a note at the front desk, and failed. We were hungry, stale, and befuddled. That is, until FAB stepped in… looking closely at the note, she remarked “Clare, this is addressed to you” and proceeded to read the instructions for gaining access to our rooms!

The wonderful Phil from Haula Private Shuttle had kindly waited out the front for us, to drop us downtown for dinner, where we finally found a restaurant that was open past nine so we could get some dinner!

This morning we woke to breathtaking views over Queenstown’s lake. It has snowed overnight, so the mountains were capped, and there was wonderful, moody clouds weaving through the valleys. We had free play until 12 today, so most of us made our way up the gondola. Amazing Jen and FAB went down the luge, with the rest of us content with photos at the top.

Phil from Haula picked us up again at 12, and took us to a camping store and supermarket so we could replace what customs took, and pick up whatever else we needed for the trip. He made regular lookout, loo, and coffee stops, so the 2hr drive took 4hrs, but it was spectacular – I am pretty sure no one minded! So now we are ensconced in our second motel for the trip, looking out over the stunning Lake Manapouri.

It hasn’t taken us long to work out there’s no water, though. Nothing to drink and no way to flush the toilet, so Karla is off to investigate and hopefully get it turned back on again!  

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