Crunchless CORE

To take a leaf from Michelle Bridges, core is about more than crunches. Superficially, crunches feel like core, but they are little more than a waste of time where you are training in context of functional torso training. How often would you do a crunch-like movement in a day?

In addition, unintelligent “core” training often misses the biggest core muscles! Your butt is the biggest and most important pelvic stabilisor, yet how many of us include butt exercises in our core sessions? Jane Fonda’s fondness for throwing her leg in the air is not what we mean by butt-training either!

We must not mix our emotional need to “feel” a certain muscle group up with our functional need to work that muscle in context with the rest of the body. You will find that the stronger you get, the more you will feel those abs, because you will have better control over them!

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