COVID-19 & What it Means for You and Your Training

None of us could have prepared for the impact of the sudden and climactic event of Coronavirus on our lives. All of a sudden, we can’t go to the movies, we can’t buy toilet paper, our courses and kids sports have been cancelled, and our shifts at work are half what they used to be…

We are stressed about being sick, we are stressed about our loved ones getting sick and dying, we are confused about what “lock down” means, we are under financial stress, anxiety about the future, and it feels like time to STOP. Some of us a walking around in a state of permanent unease. Others are panic buying several years worth of toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Plenty are trying to function “normally” whatever that is today!

Perhaps for the reason that exercise is going to be increasingly difficult in isolation, it is going to be the first thing that we cut after sports, after school activities, school itself, and your cousin’s wedding. However exercise right now, is more important than ever! There’s a great article from ESSA here that goes in to more detail, but basically exercise:

  • Boosts your immune system
  • Increases your strength and cardiovascular fitness
  • Boosts your mood
  • Decreases your risk of disease
  • Decreases your risk of illness

So how do we continue exercising when we aren’t supposed to go anywhere? If you self-isolate, or it comes to lock-down, we we can still train you virtually! We have video conferencing set up and will “meet” you at the appointed time online instead. Whoever is in your household can join in, even the kiddies! We will take you through a 30min session designed just for you, to help combat the ill-effects of a sedentary lifestyle (which is what being housebound is going to do to us!). The only thing we can’t do virtually is massage, although Claire can offer Reiki healing over the phone or video conference, if your mental health is taking a spin. You book Virtual sessions the same way as you do regular PT! Try it out with a complimentary session here.

Until then, Surfing group and our Outdoor training programs are still on. It is important that we maintain the 1.5M distance from each other, which is easy to do in the surf and in a park! Socialising, playing, and being with other people is also VITAL for your mental health. These next few months are filled with uncertainty, anxiety, and conflicting messaging – let us do what we can to stay on an even keel!

In the gym, we are changing hand towels every hour, disinfecting each piece of equipment (including handles) after each use, and giving the gym a thorough spray and wipe at the end of every shift. We have professional cleaners that come at night, as well! We ask that each of you use the hand-sanitiser provided on your way in and out, and use your towel every time your skin is in contact with the mats. Even though our risk was rated “low” compared to regular gyms and cafe’s, we have taken every precaution that was recommended to those businesses to give you peace of mind and keep you extra safe!

Now, it would be remiss to ignore the looming downturn of the economy. We can see people having their shifts cut down, losing their jobs, and facing increasing uncertainty over their future. As an effort to support you during this time, we are working on a low cost subscription service where you have access and interaction with us, meal plans, personal training, styling tips, spiritual healing and more online! We are still working out exactly how it will “work” but we are aiming for a price point of $20/wk to keep you sane, fit, healthy, and happy through one of the most challenging periods of all time for all of us. If you’d like to stay in the loop regarding this, subscribe to our blog (bottom right hand side of this page), and we will email you when it’s ready to go.

On a final note, while these are challenging and stressful times, lets draw together. If we have money to spend, spend it with a local mum like Jo or Leyette. The former who is a baker, who is ordering eggs and milk and flour for us all while we can’t get it in the supermarket, more about this here! The latter who’s biggest job of the year is the Easter Show, which has been cancelled… So if you need some beautiful haberdashery, homewares, or clothes, check her out here! We’d love to hear about other incentives from our local business to ride us out over the coming months, so comment below or PM us @IntoYouLife or

If you’re a trainer and need immediate help getting online and both Holiday & COVID-Proofing your business, you can book in here with Clare here to start developing your online offerings today!

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  1. Clare @ IntoYou
    Clare @ IntoYou says:

    “To Our Dear Friends and Family; During this changing time we have decided to make a change too! We are opening up our business model and offering a Northern Beaches HOME DELIVERY service twice a week starting tomorrow, Between 12pm and 5pm Wednesdays and Fridays. We have some great things on offer whether it be cafe style large Banana Bread $19.50 (can be sliced frozen in pieces) or Mini Muffins ($10 a box) to keep the kids tummies full or a low key Birthday Celebration (our 8″ Lemon Lime Tart $20 is insane and we can personalise a message too) or an easy dinner option like our NEW 8″ Bacon & Cheese or Spinach & Feta Quiches $20 (buy one for dinner and pop one in the freezer). We have mobile eftpos facilities and additional sanitation measures in place on top of our already stringent policy. If you would like to order please text 0420 303 893 your order and address or order online/check out our entire range on our website Please do think of us especially if you don’t fancy battleing the lines at the supermarkets. Also please pass this mesaage on if you think any of your freinds or family would enjoy our yummy treats. Take care, Laura, Chris and the Tempting Treats Team


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