Collaroy Plateau PS Carnival

Every second year, the mums at Collaroy Plateau PS pull off this extravaganza of a fundraiser, The Collaroy Carnival. I have said before that mums are amazing, and these mums are exceptional! It is a project of enormous proportions, that is successfully pulled off by a bunch of amateurs, for free.

We have been lucky enough to be a part of the carnival twice. This year was the best, because my daughter was 3 – she went nuts on the teacher dunking, face painting, food, and rides!

My mum was also present, helping us enormously by accosting possible customers in the market while i sat back and breastfed. She made it fun by turning lead generation into a competition, making sure she got more than anyone else! She was soon distracted by the market stalls, though, and went off on her way as soon as i was vertical again. Thanks to her for her help, making it possible, and easy for me to man the stall!

It was lovely to see our clients in a casual environment too, and yabber away a few minutes with them (and take selfies with the baby!). Jo in particular, since we met at my first Carnival, we got to celebrate our 2yr anniversary! Luigina too, who has trained with us in four different locations now, came exhausted and straight from work. We are stoked that you made time for us! Thank you!

Jade caught up with a few of her old clients, and i take it’s a compliment that they didn’t back away as soon as they saw her (just kidding Jade!). She was a little out of her comfort zone, approaching strangers, but gave it a red hot go – meaning i could again relax in the shade and feed the baby (yes she’s big!). HUGE Thanks to Chris too, who helped set up and pack up, fetched coffee and food, and entertained our kid all day in the sun, so i could focus on the market.

We had our stall, and are running a competition for everyone who passes:

  1. Register at our tent
  2. Like our facebook page
  3. Post to our page why you deserve free training

We will also be at Narrabeen Lakes Market on the 6th December, then on the 8th December, we will draw the winner of $200 worth of training!

We are passionate about making a difference in our mum’s lives. If you registered at our tent on Saturday, you have nothing to lose by completing steps 2 & 3. If you haven’t registered yet, make time to catch us on Saturday 6th December.

Finally, a HUGE congratulations to those incredible mums who organised and ran the event last weekend. As always, i am full of admiration for how you keep it all together and achieve fantastic things!

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