Client of the Quarter: Tatum, Sandra, and Wayne

We have three new clients that we’d like to celebrate this quarter! All of them will win a free one on one session, but one of them will win TWO free PT sessions and a MASSAGE! The Client of the Quarter program is designed to give ordinary hero’s a nod for the extraordinary things they do every day. In Australia, only HALF of the adult population is “sufficiently active“; that means they’re meeting the World Health Organisation‘s 150 minutes per week target for moderate activity. This means by showing up, on its own, is already a significant accomplishment when compared to the rest of Australia.

On Physical Activity:

According to the latest AIHW report, Impact of physical inactivity as a risk factor for chronic disease: Australian Burden of Disease Study, released in November 2017:

  • 2.6% of the total disease burden in Australia was due to physical inactivity (using 2011 data)
  • If all Australians did an extra 15 minutes of brisk walking for at least five days each week, this would reduce disease burden due to physical inactivity in the population by approximately 13%, By increasing this to 30 minutes, the burden of disease attributed to physical inactivity could be reduced by 26%.
  • The seven diseases most closely linked to physical inactivity (in descending order) were diabetes, bowel and uterine cancer, dementia, breast cancer, coronary heart diseases and stroke.
  • The burden of physical inactivity increases with age, and is also higher among people from lower socioeconomic groups: People in the lowest socioeconomic group experienced rates of disease burden due to physical inactivity at 1.7 times that of the highest socioeconomic group. There was a clear pattern of decreasing burden with increasing socioeconomic position.

In light of this, we can be forgiven for celebrating our clients for simply SHOWING UP. By showing up you’re not just “getting fit”, “toning up”, “losing weight” (contrary to what most Personal Trainers think they’re here for). You are doing much more important work which includes reducing the burden on our health system with preventable mental and physical disease. You’re improving your quality of life, AND the health of your kids and families while you’re at it, in short, your a bloody hero! The added stress and isolation complications of COVID19 have added to the difficulty of getting your exercise in, but these 3 legends have defied the odds, and for this reason, we celebrate them!


Tatum juggles 4 kids, remote schooling, and autoimmune disease with squeezing in 30min of training for herself, 3x a week. She never cancels her sessions, but “does a double” the week after to make them up (she’ll do the same group session twice, 60min = bloody tough!!). The Power Plate was amazing for her rehab and pain management, but despite missing it fiercely, she has been doing without for 5 weeks now, while we wait for the COVID19 crisis to pass. She always shows up with a positive attitude, cracking jokes, and doing her best. She is a highly entertaining fixture in our Mum’s Groups, mostly because her dog invariably joins in! He is a 60kg hunk of dog, but will jump up – burpee for burpee – and down in a wet and tickly meditation at the end… In addition, Tatum joined our surfing group this year and has made time to hit the water every week, despite competing for time with her husband, who she reports “has to get his gills wet” or he goes mad.

Tatum, we are impressed with your positivity, resilience, and general bubbly attitude. THANK YOU for sharing it with us!


Sandra first trained with Clare at Bodyshape in 2005. Since then, she’s had 3 babies and built two businesses, one as an Intimo consultant, and another as a Macrame craftswoman for Cait and Billy Bow. If you’re stuck on Mother’s Day ideas, her jar hangers are gorgeous and only $15 each. Before COVID19, Sandra also found time to donate her time and skills to charity, fitting bras for disadvantaged women and teenage girls.

Sandra is on our unlimited group membership, and has always attended more than the 3 minimum sessions every week, she loves socialising and always makes time for coffee afterwards! She has been an avid supporter of all our business mums, getting her facials and beauty therapy from one, her massage from another, etc… Sandra is also an ex-surfing-groupie, and has been catching up with this year’s team between sessions, for some extra time on the water. Having someone to catch up with is powerful, for one it’s safer to surf in pairs when you’re inexperienced, but it also keeps us accountable, and is also an important element for our mental well-being. Sandra is an active participant in this aspect of our “life enhancement” and we are grateful to have her.

During COVID19, she has taken on the extra responsibilities of remote-schooling all three kids, but despite being lower on time than ever, she’s actually UPPED her sessions! We sent everyone all of our zoom links for our group sessions as a special THANK YOU to everyone who stuck with us through this time. Sandra has taken us up on this offer, and brought her bubbly, generous, and creative spirit to every session that she could. In short, she’s amazing, and we are so thankful to have her in our community!


Wayne is a bit different to the women above. His kids are all grown up! However himself and his partner have faced job uncertainty, have had to renegotiate their work terms (ie. take a pay cut), and re-prioritise aspects of their lifestyles. In addition, he spends much of his work hours on a computer, and was unenthusiastic about virtual training. Never-the-less, he gave it a go, and has been training consistently, twice a week, ever since.

Wayne always gives his sessions everything he has, and makes time for cardio in between. He is consistent, committed, and has the weight-loss/weight-management results to match (depending on what phase he’s in at the time!).

Wayne always “shows up” – whether he’s had 7hrs sleep or two, whether he got off a plane yesterday or is getting on one today. No matter what’s going on, Wayne is organised and determined and for those reasons we celebrate him this quarter!

We will draw the winners of this Quarter’s celebration in June! We hope these stories inspire you to keep on keeping on! and remember, you’re already amazing just by showing up!

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