Client of the Quarter: Sascha Durdevic

“Client of the Quarter” is a new concept that we are introducing in 2019, which is geared towards celebrating your achievements and using our stories to motivate you on your life’s journey. To kick it off, we thought we would shine the spotlight on Sascha!

Sascha came to us rather by accident, when she was chosen by Who Magazine as one of their “Best Body Reboot” contestants. Who Magazine organised 10 weeks of training, nutrition coaching, and was supposed to wrap it up with a glamour finale (more about that later). They promised publicity for the gym, not that we really needed it; what interested us was how our 30min, cooperative efforts stacked up against hard line fitness trainers who calorie restrict and flog their clients! We approached Sascha’s training the same as everyone else; we provided nutrition coaching (no supplements, no calorie counting, no measuring food), massage (for her hormone balance, to bring down stress hormones that can cause us to “hold on” to body fat), 2 x 30min PT, and 2 x 30min IntoMum per week. In between this Sascha walked! You can read more about the start of her journey in a previous blog, here.

We uncovered very early on that Sascha was a mum of 4, and that she had a spinal injury. So we prioritised her deep core work before launching in to anything else, and monitored her back health in every session. Prior to training with us, Sascha had debilitating back pain, but since training with us, she experienced NONE.

Sascha’s before photo

To her credit, Sascha fell of the wagon a few times, but always climbed back on again, and at the end of the 10 weeks had lost 10kg! When we compared her results to the other contestants, she was on parr. Only one other contestant beat her with 12kg, and all the others lost around 10kg. This goes to show that you do not have to train long, hard, or intensely to lose weight. You do not have to starve, take supplements, or exist on shakes to lose weight. You CAN be happy, achieve balance, fall off wagons, and still lose weight!

Apart from the odd wagon slip, Sascha was consistent . This is important. Even though life obviously gets in the way, when she could reschedule she did. When she could eat well, she did. When she could do an extra hike, she did. Day in, day out, week in, week out, for 10 weeks. In Charlie she also found someone akin to a “kindred spirit”, both love a laugh, both happy to play, both “fashionistas”; which made training much less of a chore!

Progress report in Who Magazine

Unfortunately, Sascha didn’t get her triumph at the end of all this effort. She signed up to the program on the understanding that there would be a glamour shoot at the end, celebrating their achievements. Instead, she was horrified and confronted by a request by the magazine to pack her bikini, and decided to pull out of the shoot*. As Sascha’s advocates, we support her 100%, but we were disappointed that she didn’t end on the positive note that she had worked so hard for and deserved. However, from these ashes has arisen our new concept, and this is why we are using Sascha’s story to kick it off! If she can’t celebrate with Who, she can celebrate with US! We are really proud of her and what she has achieved!

Sascha’s after shot, IntoYou style!

In the New Year we will have 4 new client stories for you to read. You will VOTE on which of our “client of the quarter” gets 4 FREE sessions (one with each of us), and let their amazing stories boost you and yours.

*It should be noted that we did not attend the shoot either, so do not know if any photos were taken of the contestants in their bikinis. We do know that if there were, none of them were published in the final spread.

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