Client of the Quarter Nominees January 2019: Mags, Kathy, and Liz

Our Client of the Quarter is up for FOUR one on one Personal Training Sessions, and YOU get to choose who wins it! Read their stories below, then vote in the poll here:

The winner will be announced in February 2019!


We though Mags was inspiring before, that is when she overcame her fear of walking up hills to conquer Annapurna Base Camp in 2016, two days before she turned 70 years old! You can read this story here, but the short version is that she had proper, pupil-dilating, loss-of-consciousness type panic attacks at the thought of walking up Alexander St, Collaroy. After three months of training she went on to hike it three times, and then came with us to Nepal and walked up to Annapurna Base Camp. One of the days in this trek involved 3 kilometres of stairs, at altitude. We were so proud of her then, and now…

It’s 2 years later and recently Mags decided to revisit her “nemesis” local mountains, namely Berith St, Although she still avoided Alexander. The result was rather anticlimactic, even being 2 years older she simply walked up them, and that was that. No panic, no drama, not even too hard or huffy-puffy. She was chuffed and continued her daily life!

Mags then joined our hiking group this year and inspired her granddaughter to join her. At 8 years old Ava trundled beside her 72yr grandmother and together they completed the 20km Great North walk. Mags also completed Alexander st 6 times without difficulty, compared to her “successful” 3 times when she “conquered” it 2 years ago! This fabulous turnaround and “onwards and upwards” attitude is what we are voting Mags in for this award!



Kathy, on the far left, during hiking group training this year

Kathy started training with us earlier this year, and despite being hardly able to move (30 years at a desk will do that to anyone), she always had a stoic, head-down-and-concentrate, do-what-i’m-told, attitude. We have never heard her complain, even if the exercise is weird, uncomfortable, plain old impossible for her, or she’s literally dying. She simply continues to try.

After a few weeks of one-on-one training, Kathy upgraded to two times a week. She saw improvements in her mobility, she could do things she couldn’t do before, she was enjoying herself, and feeling more confident! So she joined hiking group.

Hiking group was harder for Kathy. She works full time and found some of the hikes difficult (not that she’d ever tell us or say it out loud!). She enjoyed the sessions, but missed some of the bigger ones because she hard prior commitments. She had a friend join her on some of the sessions, and always made an effort to attend the Wednesday night session; even though the time was inconvenient and she was often late, she almost always showed up. We noticed that she wasn’t a “chatterer” during the hikes, but this has changed recently and she is really coming out of her shell!

She joined Bootcamp, intending on doing Saturday’s only, then realised she’d actually joined up for the full program… instead of asking for a refund, she decided to do it all anyway! She’s cheeky, cracking jokes, making friends, trying new things, and doing crazy exercises at Bootcamp like playing frisbee on the beach!

Furthermore, she’s enrolled in our Xmas Blitz, which is an extremely challenging program. The Blitz has a daily physical and mental exercise component, and an eating plan designed to get you in to incredible shape just in time for Xmas. The challenge is in the preparation, not an easy thing to do when you work full time and take care of a house and family on your own!

It’s this willingness to step up and accept new challenges that has earned Kathy her place in this list!



Liz, second from the left, when she participated in Bootcamp last year

Liz came to us a young corporate working at Facebook and training twice a week, in May 2016. She was hard working, turned up at 6am twice a week, participated in Bootcamp and Run Club, and also competed in basketball and netball every week! She was a champion to train.

Liz got pregnant in January 2018, she was due on the 3rd September (it must have been a good New Years Eve!). She weighed in on the day of her 12 week scan, and broke the news to us then! Perhaps she should have told us a little earlier, although we had noticed that she was getting a little more puffed than usual! She stayed really active throughout her pregnancy, continuing to train twice a week and work full time, although she stopped basketball and netball.

Liz also started her business at this point: Jaxx Jackets! She was relaxed, took everything in her stride, and was so much fun to train! She had Charlie in stitches with her “getting ready for the baby” stories! She hated the baby showers, choosing car-seats, and the fuss about it all!

Liz was in the gym three days before her C-Section… she didn’t miss a session! She was back in the gym for our Pilates, Movement, Release session at 3 weeks post; she followed our instructions to a T in seeing a Women’s Health Physio, and was back in her 2 sessions a week routine by 6 weeks post natal! Jack is now 12 weeks old, and quite comfortable in the gym (except one time, where he cried his lungs out until she couldn’t stand it anymore and went home). Liz’s physio is very happy with her core function and rehabilitation, and Liz is happy to be exercising!

It is this positivity, energy, and commitment to her own heath that has earned Liz this nomination for our Client of the Quarter!

Congratulations to all our nominees! And remember to vote here!

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